ID Title
1 N3638, N3582, N3386 Return type deduction for normal functions
2 N3387 Overload resolution tiebreakers for integer types
3 N3760, N3394 [[deprecated]] attribute
4 N3396 Dynamic memory allocation for over-aligned data
5 N3400 A proposal for eliminating the underscore madness that library writers have to suffer
6 N3667, N3401 Generating move operations (elaborating on Core 1402)
7 N3642, N3468, N3402 User-defined Literals for Standard Library Types, N3472 Binary Literals in the C++ Core Language
8 N3492, N3403 Use Cases for Compile-Time Reflection
9 N3601 Implicit template parameters, N3405 Template Tidbits
10 N3407 Proposal to Add Decimal Floating Point Support to C++
11 N3409 Strict Fork-Join Parallelism
12 N3410 Rich Pointers with Dynamic and Static Introspection
13 N3639, N3497, N3467, N3412 Runtime-sized arrays with automatic storage duration
14 N3413 Allowing arbitrary literal types for non-type template parameters
15 N3416 Packaging Parameter Packs
16 N3649, N3560, N3559, N3418 Proposal for Generic (Polymorphic) Lambda Expressions
17 N3419 Vector loops and Parallel Loops
18 N3424 Lambda Correctness and Usability Issues
19 N3429 A C++ Library Solution To Parallelism
20 N3778, N3663, N3536, N3432 C++ Sized Deallocation
21 N3664, N3537, N3433 Clarifying Memory Allocation
22 N4030, 3745, N3694 Feature-testing recommendations for C++, N3435 Standardized feature-test macros
23 N3437 Type Name Strings For C++
24 N3441 Call Stack Utilities and std::exception Extension Proposal
25 N3652, N3597, N3598, N3444 Relaxing syntactic constraints on constexpr function definitions
26 N3538, N3445 Pass by Const Reference or Value
27 N3781 Single-Quotation-Mark as a Digit Separator, N3661, N3499 Digit Separators, N3448 Painless Digit Separation
28 N3449 Open and Efficient Type Switch for C++
29 N3329 Proposal: static if declaration
30 N4235 Selecting from Parameter Packs, [tiny] Efficient/Flexible Access to Argument Packs
31 [tiny] constexpr functions must work at runtime
32 [tiny] Templated constructor accidentally preferred over copy constructor
33 [tiny] contextual bool conversion from scoped enum
34 [tiny] Defining hash functions for composite user-defined types is annoying
35 [tiny] Some concise way to generate a unique, unused variable name
36 [tiny] no way to say "prefer this implicit conversion over that"
37 [tiny] Logical xor operator
38 [tiny] Core issue 1542
39 [tiny] local class and friendship
40 [tiny] Relax the allocator requirements on vector so that the small object optimization is allowed
41 [tiny] In-class explicit specializations forbidden but not partial specializations
42 [tiny] basic_string(const charT*, size_type, const Allocator&) requires clause too restrictive
43 [tiny] simultaneous iteration with new-style for syntax
44 [tiny] variadic bind
45 [tiny] Type Trait is_range<T>
46 [tiny] Type Trait is_final<T>
47 [tiny] Fix the relation operators on standard templated types
48 N3867, N3730 Specializations and namespaces (was "Specializing templates in different namespaces" before the paper)
49 N3463 Portable Program Source Files
50 N3466 More Perfect Forwarding
51 N3490 ADL Control for C++
52 N3741, N3515 Toward Opaque Typedefs for C++1Y
53 N3526 Uniform initialization for arrays and class aggregate types
54 N3746, N3553 Proposing a C++1Y Swap Operator
55 N3839, Proposing the Rule of Five, v2, N3578 Proposing the Rule of Five
56 N3583 Exploring constexpr at Runtime
57 N3587 For Loop Exit Strategies
58 N3595 Simplifying Argument-Dependent Lookup Rules
59 N3596 Code Reuse in Class Template Specialization
60 N3602 Template parameter deduction for constructors
61 N3653, N3605 Member initializers and aggregates
62 N3648, N3610 Generic lambda-capture initializers, supporting capture-by-move
63 N4152 uncaught_exceptions, N3614 unwinding_exception
64 N3651, N3615 Constexpr Variable Templates, N3552 Introducing Object Aliases
65 N3617 Lifting overload sets into function objects
66 N3599 Literal operator templates for strings
67 [tiny] Unspecialized std::tuple_size should be defined
68 [tiny] C++ DR about global placement array new
69 [tiny] Returning a void expression from a constructor or destructor
70 [tiny] Const in expressions
71 N3627 Relaxed switch statement
72 N4150 Alias-Set Attributes: Toward restrict-like aliasing semantics for C++, N3988 Towards restrict-like aliasing semantics for C++ N3635 Towards restrict-like semantics for C++
73 N3681 Auto and braced-init lists
74 N3723 Extend operator-> to support rvalues
75 N3744 Proposing [[pure]]
76 N4035, N3748 Implicit Evaluation of "auto" Variables and Arguments
77 N3772 Changing the type of address-of-member expression
78 N3820 Working Draft, Technical Specification -- Array Extensions, N3810 Alternatives for Array Extensions
79 [tiny] Core issues with extension status
80 N3846 Extending static_assert
81 N3994, N3853 Range-Based For-Loops: The Next Generation
82 N4180 SG5 Transactional Memory Support for C++ Update, N3919, N3859, N3718 Transactional Memory Support for C++
83 N3863 Private Extension Methods
84 N4294 Arrays of run-time bounds as data members, N3875 Run-time bound array data members
85 N3879 Explicit Flow Control: break label, goto case and explicit switch
86 N3880 Improving the Verification of C++ Programs
87 N3897 Auto-type members
88 [tiny] Uniform handling of operator[] and operator().
89 [tiny] Core issue 203, Type of address-of-member expression
90 [tiny] Core issue 476, Determining the buffer size for placement new
91 [tiny] Core issue 622, Relational comparisons of arbitrary pointers
92 [tiny] Core issue 687, template keyword with unqualified-ids
93 [tiny] Core issue 728, Restrictions on local classes
94 [tiny] Core issue 794, Base-derived conversion in member type of pointer-to-member conversion
95 [tiny] Core issue 822, Additional contexts for template aliases
96 [tiny] Core issue 914, Value-initialization of array types, Core issue 1300, T() for array types, Core issue 1326, Deducing an array bound from an initializer-list
97 [tiny] Core issue 947, Deducing type template arguments from default function arguments
98 [tiny] Core issue 1008, Querying the alignment of an object
99 [tiny] Core issue 1259, Deleting a POD via a pointer to base
100 [tiny] Core issue 1272, Implicit definition of static data member of const literal type
101 [tiny] Core issue 1331, const mismatch with defaulted copy constructor
102 [tiny] Core issue 1393, Pack expansions in using-declarations
103 [tiny] Core issue 1426, Allowing additional parameter types in defaulted functions
104 [tiny] Core issue 1433, trailing-return-type and point of declaration
105 [tiny] Core issue 1451, Objects with no linkage in non-type template arguments
106 [tiny] Core issue 1463, extern "C" alias templates, Core issue 13, extern "C" for Parameters of Function Templates
107 [tiny] Core issue 1519, Conflicting default and variadic constructors
108 [tiny] Core issue 1561, Aggregates with empty base classes
109 [tiny] Core issue 1564, Template argument deduction from an initializer list
110 [tiny] Core issue 1577, Unnecessary restrictions on partial specializations
111 [tiny] Core issue 1582, Template default arguments and deduction failure
112 [tiny] Core issue 1586, Naming a destructor via decltype
113 N4196 Attributes for namespaces and enumerators, [tiny] Core issue 1657, Attributes for namespaces and enumerators
114 N4074 Let return {expr} Be Explicit, Revision 2, N4131 explicit should never be implicit, N4094 Response To: Let return {expr} Be Explicit, N4029 Let return Be Direct and explicit, N3452 (unpublished) Let {x,y,z} => explicit
115 N3899 Nested Allocation
116 N4126, N4114, N3950 Defaulted comparison operators, N4175 Default comparisons, N4176 Thoughts about Comparisons, N4239 Defaulted Comparison Using Reflection
117 N3955 Group Member Specifiers
118 [tiny] Allow conversion from pointer to array of known bound to pointer to array of unknown bound
119 N4197 Adding u8 character literals, [tiny] Why no u8 character literals?
120 [tiny] CWG 900 and 1498
121 N4086, N3981 Removing trigraphs??!, N4210 IBM comment on preparing for a Trigraph-adverse future in C++17
122 N3986 Adding Standard support to avoid padding within structures
123 N3990 Adding Standard Circular Shift operators for computer integers
124 N4014 Uniform Copy Initialization
125 N4025 Exploring classes of runtime size
126 N4230 Nested namespace definition (revision 2), N4116 Nested Namespace Definition (rev 1), N4026 Nested namespace definition
127 N4028 Defining a Portable C++ ABI
128 N4043 Dynarray Allocation Context
129 N4234 0-overhead-principle violations in exception handling - part 2, N4049 0-overhead-principle violations in exception handling
130 N4050 Dynarray Semi-Editorial Issues
131 N4051 Allow typename in a template template parameter
132 Core Issue 1754 Declaration of partial specialization of static data member template
133 Core Issue 1798, exception-specifications of template arguments
134 [tiny] Core closed issues with a previous extension status
135 [tiny] Mutable is part of a lambda-declarator, so when a lambda is mutable, the parentheses aren't optional
136 N4072 Fixed Size Parameter Packs
137 N4293 C++ language support for contract programming, N4110 Exploring the design space of contract specifications for C++
138 N4120 Null Coalescing Conditional Operator
139 N4121 Compile-Time String: std::string_literal<n>
140 N4127 Checked-dereference conditions
141 N4378 Language Support for Contract Assertions, N4379 FAQ about N4378, Language Support for Contract Assertions, N4253, N4135 Language Support for Runtime Contract Validation
142 N4147 Inline variables, or encapsulated expressions
143 N4148 Disallowing Inaccessible Operators From Trivially Copyable
144 N4149 Categorically qualified classes
145 N4154 Operator assert
146 N4160 Value constraints
147 N4164 Forwarding References
148 N4165 Unified Call Syntax, N4174 Call syntax: x.f(y) vs. f(x,y)
149 N4166 Movable initializer lists
150 N4172 Named arguments
151 N4173 Operator Dot
152 N4186 Supporting Custom Diagnostics and SFINAE
153 N4188 Proposal for classes with runtime size
154 N4191 Folding expressions
155 N4198 Allow constant evaluation for all non-type template arguments
156 N4221 Generalized lifetime extension
157 N4225 Towards uniform handling of subobjects
158 N4228 Refining Expression Evaluation Order for Idiomatic C++
159 N4248 Library Preconditions are a Language Feature
160 N4158 Destructive Move (Rev 1), N4034 Destructive Move
161 N3922 New Rules for auto deduction from braced-init-list, N3912 Auto and braced-init-lists, continued, N3681 Auto and braced-init lists
162 N4357 Introduce the [[noexit]] attribute for main as a hint to eliminate destructor calls for objects with static storage duration, N4226 Apply the [[noreturn]] attribute to main as a hint to eliminate global object destructor calls
163 N4214 A Module System for C++ (Revision 2), N4047 A Module System for C++
164 N4129 Source-Code Information Capture
165 N4229 Pointer Ordering
166 N4286 Resumable Functions, N4287 Threads, Fibers and Couroutines (slides deck)
167 N4309 Return type deduction for explicitly-defaulted and deleted special member functions
168 N4319 Contracts for C++: What are the Choices
169 N4320 Make exception specifications be part of the type system
170 N4340 Remove Deprecated Use of the register Keyword
171 N4356 Relaxed Array Type Declarator
172 N4358 Unary Folds and Empty Parameter Packs
173 N4360 Delayed Evaluation Parameters
174 N4367 Comparison in C++

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