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174 41 months ago [expr.rel] new N4367 Comparison in C++
171 41 months ago [dcl.array] new N4356 Relaxed Array Type Declarator
173 41 months ago [dcl.fct] new N4360 Delayed Evaluation Parameters
172 41 months ago [expr.prim.fold] new N4358 Unary Folds and Empty Parameter Packs
170 43 months ago [lex.key] new N4340 Remove Deprecated Use of the register Keyword
168 43 months ago [contract] new N4319 Contracts for C++: What are the Choices
135 43 months ago [expr.prim.lambda] new [tiny] Mutable is part of a lambda-declarator, so when a lambda is mutable, the parentheses aren't optional
169 43 months ago [conv] new N4320 Make exception specifications be part of the type system
167 43 months ago [dcl.fct.def.default] new N4309 Return type deduction for explicitly-defaulted and deleted special member functions
166 43 months ago [coroutine] new N4286 Resumable Functions, N4287 Threads, Fibers and Couroutines (slides deck)
146 45 months ago [dcl.fct] new N4160 Value constraints
130 49 months ago [sequences] new N4050 Dynarray Semi-Editorial Issues
128 49 months ago [sequences] new N4043 Dynarray Allocation Context
115 53 months ago [] new N3899 Nested Allocation
79 53 months ago [intro] new [tiny] Core issues with extension status
83 55 months ago [class.mfct] new N3863 Private Extension Methods
78 57 months ago [basic.types] new N3820 Working Draft, Technical Specification -- Array Extensions, N3810 Alternatives for Array Extensions
26 62 months ago [dcl.fct] new N3538, N3445 Pass by Const Reference or Value
5 64 months ago [cpp.replace] new N3400 A proposal for eliminating the underscore madness that library writers have to suffer
59 64 months ago [basic.lookup.argdep] new N3596 Code Reuse in Class Template Specialization
65 64 months ago [func.require] new N3617 Lifting overload sets into function objects
50 68 months ago [support.general] new N3466 More Perfect Forwarding
49 68 months ago [lex.phases] new N3463 Portable Program Source Files
51 68 months ago [basic.lookup.argdep] new N3490 ADL Control for C++
11 69 months ago [intro.multithread] new N3409 Strict Fork-Join Parallelism
28 69 months ago [expr.dynamic.cast] new N3449 Open and Efficient Type Switch for C++
15 70 months ago [temp.param] new N3416 Packaging Parameter Packs
24 70 months ago [support.exception] new N3441 Call Stack Utilities and std::exception Extension Proposal
10 70 months ago [library] new N3407 Proposal to Add Decimal Floating Point Support to C++
94 113 months ago [conv.mem] new [tiny] Core issue 794, Base-derived conversion in member type of pointer-to-member conversion
93 118 months ago [temp] new [tiny] Core issue 728, Restrictions on local classes
1 39 months ago [] open N3638, N3582, N3386 Return type deduction for normal functions
3 39 months ago [dcl.attr] open N3760, N3394 [[deprecated]] attribute
6 39 months ago [class.copy] open N3667, N3401 Generating move operations (elaborating on Core 1402)
7 39 months ago [lex.icon] open N3642, N3468, N3402 User-defined Literals for Standard Library Types, N3472 Binary Literals in the C++ Core Language
13 39 months ago [basic.types] open N3639, N3497, N3467, N3412 Runtime-sized arrays with automatic storage duration
16 39 months ago [expr.prim.lambda] open N3649, N3560, N3559, N3418 Proposal for Generic (Polymorphic) Lambda Expressions
18 39 months ago [expr.prim.lambda] open N3424 Lambda Correctness and Usability Issues
20 39 months ago [] open N3778, N3663, N3536, N3432 C++ Sized Deallocation
21 39 months ago [] open N3664, N3537, N3433 Clarifying Memory Allocation
25 39 months ago [expr.const] open N3652, N3597, N3598, N3444 Relaxing syntactic constraints on constexpr function definitions
27 39 months ago [lex.ppnumber] open N3781 Single-Quotation-Mark as a Digit Separator, N3661, N3499 Digit Separators, N3448 Painless Digit Separation
46 39 months ago [meta.unary.prop] open [tiny] Type Trait is_final<T>
61 39 months ago [dcl.init.aggr] open N3653, N3605 Member initializers and aggregates
62 39 months ago [expr.prim.lambda] open N3648, N3610 Generic lambda-capture initializers, supporting capture-by-move
64 39 months ago [temp.param] open N3651, N3615 Constexpr Variable Templates, N3552 Introducing Object Aliases
84 39 months ago [class.mem] open N4294 Arrays of run-time bounds as data members, N3875 Run-time bound array data members
137 39 months ago [contract] open N4293 C++ language support for contract programming, N4110 Exploring the design space of contract specifications for C++
141 39 months ago [contract] open N4378 Language Support for Contract Assertions, N4379 FAQ about N4378, Language Support for Contract Assertions, N4253, N4135 Language Support for Runtime Contract Validation
159 39 months ago [contract] open N4248 Library Preconditions are a Language Feature
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