ID Activity Section Status Title
13 113 months ago [basic.types] open N3639, N3497, N3467, N3412 Runtime-sized arrays with automatic storage duration
174 114 months ago [expr.rel] open N4367 Comparison in C++
171 115 months ago [dcl.array] open N4356 Relaxed Array Type Declarator
173 115 months ago [dcl.fct] open N4360 Delayed Evaluation Parameters
172 115 months ago [expr.prim.fold] open N4358 Unary Folds and Empty Parameter Packs
170 117 months ago [lex.key] open N4340 Remove Deprecated Use of the register Keyword
168 117 months ago [contract] open N4319 Contracts for C++: What are the Choices
72 117 months ago [dcl.ptr] ready N4150 Alias-Set Attributes: Toward restrict-like aliasing semantics for C++, N3988 Towards restrict-like aliasing semantics for C++ N3635 Towards restrict-like semantics for C++
81 117 months ago [stmt.iter] open N3994, N3853 Range-Based For-Loops: The Next Generation
135 117 months ago [expr.prim.lambda] open [tiny] Mutable is part of a lambda-declarator, so when a lambda is mutable, the parentheses aren't optional
139 117 months ago [support.general] ready N4121 Compile-Time String: std::string_literal<n>
169 117 months ago [conv] open N4320 Make exception specifications be part of the type system
167 117 months ago [dcl.fct.def.default] open N4309 Return type deduction for explicitly-defaulted and deleted special member functions
166 117 months ago [coroutine] open N4286 Resumable Functions, N4287 Threads, Fibers and Couroutines (slides deck)
158 118 months ago [expr] open N4228 Refining Expression Evaluation Order for Idiomatic C++
165 118 months ago [comparisons] ready N4229 Pointer Ordering
159 118 months ago [contract] open N4248 Library Preconditions are a Language Feature
160 118 months ago [] open N4158 Destructive Move (Rev 1), N4034 Destructive Move
151 118 months ago [over.oper] open N4173 Operator Dot
152 119 months ago [dcl.fct.def.delete] open N4186 Supporting Custom Diagnostics and SFINAE
162 119 months ago [basic.start.main] open N4357 Introduce the [[noexit]] attribute for main as a hint to eliminate destructor calls for objects with static storage duration, N4226 Apply the [[noreturn]] attribute to main as a hint to eliminate global object destructor calls
164 119 months ago [support.general] ready N4129 Source-Code Information Capture
141 119 months ago [contract] open N4378 Language Support for Contract Assertions, N4379 FAQ about N4378, Language Support for Contract Assertions, N4253, N4135 Language Support for Runtime Contract Validation
149 119 months ago [support.initlist] open N4166 Movable initializer lists
148 119 months ago [] open N4165 Unified Call Syntax, N4174 Call syntax: x.f(y) vs. f(x,y)
146 119 months ago [dcl.fct] open N4160 Value constraints
153 119 months ago [class.mem] open N4188 Proposal for classes with runtime size
143 119 months ago [basic.types] open N4148 Disallowing Inaccessible Operators From Trivially Copyable
142 119 months ago [dcl.fct.spec] open N4147 Inline variables, or encapsulated expressions
137 122 months ago [contract] open N4293 C++ language support for contract programming, N4110 Exploring the design space of contract specifications for C++
40 122 months ago [vector] open [tiny] Relax the allocator requirements on vector so that the small object optimization is allowed
42 122 months ago [string.cons] open [tiny] basic_string(const charT*, size_type, const Allocator&) requires clause too restrictive
44 122 months ago [bind] open [tiny] variadic bind
45 122 months ago [meta.unary.prop] open [tiny] Type Trait is_range<T>
111 122 months ago [temp.deduct] ready [tiny] Core issue 1582, Template default arguments and deduction failure
134 122 months ago [intro] open [tiny] Core closed issues with a previous extension status
22 122 months ago [support.general] open N4030, 3745, N3694 Feature-testing recommendations for C++, N3435 Standardized feature-test macros
120 123 months ago [class.temporary] open [tiny] CWG 900 and 1498
129 123 months ago [except] open N4234 0-overhead-principle violations in exception handling - part 2, N4049 0-overhead-principle violations in exception handling
163 123 months ago [modules] open N4214 A Module System for C++ (Revision 2), N4047 A Module System for C++
130 123 months ago [sequences] open N4050 Dynarray Semi-Editorial Issues
136 123 months ago [temp.arg] open N4072 Fixed Size Parameter Packs
125 123 months ago [basic.compound] open N4025 Exploring classes of runtime size
127 123 months ago [] open N4028 Defining a Portable C++ ABI
128 123 months ago [sequences] open N4043 Dynarray Allocation Context
123 124 months ago [expr] open N3990 Adding Standard Circular Shift operators for computer integers
122 124 months ago [class.bit] open N3986 Adding Standard support to avoid padding within structures
116 126 months ago [dcl.fct.def.default] open N4126, N4114, N3950 Defaulted comparison operators, N4175 Default comparisons, N4176 Thoughts about Comparisons, N4239 Defaulted Comparison Using Reflection
118 126 months ago [conv] open [tiny] Allow conversion from pointer to array of known bound to pointer to array of unknown bound
88 126 months ago [over.oper] open [tiny] Uniform handling of operator[] and operator().

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