§[c.math] Can any of float/double/long double overloads be fused into template overloads?
Jiang An

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Date: 2022-05-15.00:00:00

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Date: 2022-04-28.00:00:00

IIUC LWG 3234 will be resolved by the recently approved paper P1467R9. While considering adding the newly required overloads of math special functions to MSVC STL, I found that it may be more convenient to implement the whole overload set as a single function template.

However, it's unclear for me whether the every "overload for each cv-unqualified floating-point type", or every currently separately shown overloads in the synopsis of <cmath>, is required to be a separated function. As discussed in microsoft/STL#1335, if there were only a separated double overload (usually comes from the C standard library) and a fused template overload, calling the overload set with {} would be accepted, which is definitely ambiguous when there are separated float/double/long double overloads.

I think it may be better to allow implementations to arbitrarily fuse the required overloads.

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