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4107 5 days ago [format.range.fmtmap] new Map formatter may conflict with user-defined specializations of pair/tuple formatters
4004 5 days ago [atomics.order] open The load and store operation in ยง[atomics.order] p1 is ambiguous
4106 5 days ago [format.args] new basic_format_args should not be default-constructible
4105 5 days ago [alg.ends.with] new ranges::ends_with's Returns misses difference casting
4103 5 days ago [alg.unique] new ranges::unique_copy's constraints for the case where result is an input_iterator are not quite right
4101 1 week ago [ostream.inserters.arithmetic] new LWG 117 loses the sign for negative NaN on some architectures
4102 1 week ago [string.view.cons] new `string_view(Iter, Iter)` constructor breaks existing code
4104 1 week ago [const.iterators] new basic_const_iterator<volatile int*> is not a contiguous_iterator
4085 1 week ago [alg.rand.generate] new ranges::generate_random's helper lambda should specify the return type
4100 1 week ago [global.functions] new Default arguments and signatures of standard library non-member functions
4099 1 week ago [][range.common.overview] new The simple case of views::as_rvalue and views::common are not strictly correct
4098 2 weeks ago [ostream.inserters.arithmetic] new LWG 117 loses the sign for negative NaN on some architectures
4097 2 weeks ago [range.reverse.overview] new views::reverse should be specialized for some view types
2939 2 weeks ago [meta.type.synop] new Some type-completeness constraints of traits are overspecified
4096 2 weeks ago [range.iota.overview] new views::iota(views::iota(0)) should be rejected
4060 2 weeks ago [mdspan.submdspan.submdspan] ready submdspan preconditions do not forbid creating invalid pointer
4061 2 weeks ago [format.context] ready Should std::basic_format_context be default-constructible/copyable/movable?
4071 2 weeks ago [refwrap.comparisons] ready reference_wrapper comparisons are not SFINAE-friendly
4074 2 weeks ago [range.join.with.view] ready compatible-joinable-ranges is underconstrained
4076 2 weeks ago [version.syn] ready concat_view should be freestanding
4079 2 weeks ago [range.concat.iterator] ready Missing Preconditions in concat_view::iterator's conversion constructor
4082 2 weeks ago [range.concat.overview] ready views::concat(r) is well-formed when r is an output_range
4083 2 weeks ago [] ready views::as_rvalue should reject non-input ranges
4063 2 weeks ago [char.traits.specializations.char] new Freestanding std::char_traits<char>::eof depends on non-freestanding EOF
4070 2 weeks ago [fs.path.fmtr.funcs] open Transcoding by std::formatter<std::filesystem::path>
4090 2 weeks ago [format.string.std] open Underspecified use of locale facets for locale-dependent std::format
4087 2 weeks ago [exception] open Standard exception messages have unspecified encoding
4084 2 weeks ago [facet.num.put.virtuals] lewg std::fixed ignores std::uppercase
4095 2 weeks ago [algorithm.syn][alg.fold] new ranges::fold_meow should explicitly spell out the return type
4094 2 weeks ago [alg.fold] new ranges::fold_meow is overconstrained
4093 2 weeks ago [alg.fold] new ranges::fold_left_first_with_iter incorrectly constructs optional<U>
4092 2 weeks ago [common.iterator][common.iter.cmp] new The monotonic version of common_iterator::operator== is underconstrained
4091 2 weeks ago [range.concat.view] new concat_view rejects non-movable references
4089 2 weeks ago [range.concat.iterator] new concat_view::iterator's iter_swap is overconstrained
4088 2 weeks ago [ostream.formatted.print] new println ignores the locale imbued in std::ostream
4086 2 weeks ago [alg.rand.generate] new ranges::generate_random_n is missing
4065 3 weeks ago [allocator.requirements.general] new Requirements for fancy pointers might be insufficient for self-referential implementation of containers
4069 3 weeks ago [atomics.types.generic] open std::atomic<volatile T> should be ill-formed
4081 3 weeks ago [range.concat.iterator] new concat_view::iterator::operator- is overconstrained
4080 1 month ago [iterator.assoc.types] new Presumed value and difference types of an iterator type in ranges and non-ranges algorithms
4078 1 month ago [format.functions] new What if arguments alias the output buffer in `std::format_to`?
4073 1 month ago [range.concat.view] new `concat_view::size` may overflow
4075 1 month ago [utility.requirements] new Thread stability requirement on constructors and destructors
4077 1 month ago [alg.rand.generate] new Unclear preconditions of `std::ranges::generate_random`
4072 1 month ago [optional.comp.with.t] new `std::optional` comparisons: constrain harder
4068 1 month ago [res.on.requirements] [structure.requirements] new Terminology for objects whose types model a concept
4067 1 month ago [] new Inconsistency and potential infinity meta-recursion in std::chrono::zoned_time's constructors
4066 1 month ago [] new ranges::to should reserve when sized_sentinel_for is satisfied
3210 1 month ago [util.smartptr.shared.create] new allocate_shared is inconsistent about removing const from the pointer passed to allocator construct and destroy
4064 1 month ago [cstring.syn] new Clarify that std::launder is not needed when using the result of std::memcpy

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