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3505 4 days ago [range.split.outer] new split_view::outer-iterator::operator++ misspecified
3499 4 days ago [thread.req.lockable.timed][thread.timedmutex.requirements] new Timed lockable and mutex requirements are imprecise about duration and time_point
3495 4 days ago [ptr.launder] new constexpr launder makes pointers to inactive members of unions usable
3498 4 days ago [syncstream.syncbuf.overview][syncstream.syncbuf.assign] new Inconsistent noexcept-specifiers for basic_syncbuf
3497 4 days ago [syncstream.syncbuf.members] new Postconditions for basic_syncbuf::emit()
3496 4 days ago [syncstream.syncbuf.members] new What does "uniquely associated" mean for basic_syncbuf::emit()?
3501 4 days ago [ostream.manip] new basic_syncbuf-related manipulators refer to some Allocator without defining it
3506 5 days ago [priority.queue] new Missing allocator-extended constructors for priority_queue
3502 1 week ago [range.elements.iterator] new elements_view should not be allowed to return dangling references
3503 1 week ago [time.duration.cast] new chrono::ceil has surprising requirement
3504 1 week ago [thread.condition.condvar] new condition_variable::wait_for is overspecified
3494 3 weeks ago [range.reverse][range.take][range.drop] [range.drop.while][range.common][range.drop.while] [range.elements] new Allow ranges to be conditionally borrowed
2774 3 weeks ago [func.wrap.func.con] new std::function construction vs assignment
3493 3 weeks ago [func.wrap.func.con] new The constructor of std::function taking an F is missing a constraint
3491 1 month ago [cmp.alg][range.all.general][cmp.alg] new What is a "decayed type"?
3489 1 month ago [range.istream.iterator] new Improve istream_view wording
3487 1 month ago [numeric.ops] new Missing precondition on input and output aliasing of [numeric.ops]
3484 1 month ago [depr.c.headers.other] new Should <stddef.h> declare ::nullptr_t?
3479 2 months ago [range.semi.wrap] new semiregular-box mishandles self-assignment
3481 2 months ago [range.refinements] new viewable_range mishandles lvalue move-only views
3090 2 months ago [time.duration.cons] new What is §[time.duration.cons]p4's "no overflow is induced in the conversion" intended to mean?
3480 2 months ago [][fs.class.rec.dir.itr] new directory_iterator and recursive_directory_iterator are not C++20 ranges
3478 2 months ago [range.split] new views::split drops trailing empty range
3475 3 months ago [thread.thread.constr][thread.jthread.cons] new std::thread's constructor needs to be able to report general memory allocation failures
3470 3 months ago [range.subrange] new convertible-to-non-slicing seems to reject valid case
3471 3 months ago [mem.res] new polymorphic_allocator::allocate does not satisfy Cpp17Allocator requirements
3288 4 months ago [atomics.wait] new atomic<T>::notify_one is unimplementable
3412 4 months ago [format.string.std] new §[format.string.std] references to "Unicode encoding" unclear
3444 4 months ago [socket.streambuf.members] new [networking.ts] net::basic_socket_streambuf::connect(Args&&...) effects are wrong
3445 4 months ago [socket.iostream.cons][socket.iostream.members] new [networking.ts] net::basic_socket_istream::connect should be constrained
3451 4 months ago [basic.string][range.join.view] new Inconsistently explicit deduction guides
3456 4 months ago [charconv.from.chars] new Pattern used by std::from_chars is underspecified
3463 4 months ago [transform.inclusive.scan] new Incorrect requirements for transform_inclusive_scan without initial value
3459 4 months ago [concept.convertible] new Why doesn't std::convertible_to have semantic requirement when To is reference-to-function type?
3462 4 months ago [formatter.requirements] new §[formatter.requirements]: Formatter requirements forbid use of fc.arg()
3457 4 months ago [string.view.template] new *this is not invalidated
3452 5 months ago [range.view] new Are views really supposed to have strict 𝒪(1) destruction?
2811 5 months ago [optional.ctor][optional.assign][variant.ctor][any.cons][any.modifiers] new "Selected constructor" wording is incorrect for optional/variant/any
3193 5 months ago [structure.specifications] new Mandates: and Expects: elements are not defined for types
2819 6 months ago [thread.req.lockable][thread.mutex.requirements] new Unspecified Return type: elements
3433 6 months ago [range.subrange.access] new subrange::advance(n) has UB when n < 0
2746 6 months ago [optional.assign][variant.mod][any.modifiers] new Inconsistency between requirements for emplace between optional and variant
3436 6 months ago [specialized.construct] new std::construct_at should support arrays
3438 6 months ago [container.node.overview] new §[container.node.overview] missing multiset/map cases
3439 6 months ago [iterator.operations][alg.random.sample] new "Distance" template parameter is underspecified
3028 6 months ago [container.requirements.general] new Container requirements tables should distinguish const and non-const variables
3166 6 months ago [pair.astuple][variant.helper][array.tuple] [pointer.traits.types][allocator.traits.types][allocator.adaptor.types] new No such descriptive element as Value:
3123 6 months ago [time.duration] new duration constructor from representation shouldn't be effectively non-throwing
3192 6 months ago [] new §[] functions misbehave for const types
3204 6 months ago [re.submatch] new sub_match::swap only swaps the base class

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