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2116 6 days ago [meta.unary.prop] open is_nothrow_constructible and destructors
3357 6 days ago [rand.util.randint] open [fund.ts.v3] default_random_engine is overspecified for per-thread engine
3829 6 days ago [] new as_rvalue_view::end should improve non-common case
3830 6 days ago [range.reverse.view] new reverse_view should not cache when ranges::next has constant time complexity
3831 6 days ago [time.format][time.parse] new Two-digit formatting of negative year is ambiguous
3832 6 days ago [range.elements.iterator] new Missing change for element_view::iterator in LWG 3798
3833 6 days ago [format.formatter.spec] new Remove specialization template<size_t N> struct formatter<const charT[N], charT>
3204 6 days ago [re.submatch] ready sub_match::swap only swaps the base class
3742 6 days ago [sequence.reqmts] ready deque::prepend_range needs to permute
3631 6 days ago [format.arg] new basic_format_arg(T&&) should use remove_cvref_t<T> throughout
3836 7 days ago [expected.object.ctor] new std::expected<bool, E1> conversion constructor expected(const expected<U, G>&) should take precedence over expected(U&&) with operator bool
3835 1 week ago [re.general] new Requirements for CharT in the regex library
3834 1 week ago [cinttypes.syn] new Missing constexpr for std::intmax_t math functions in <cinttypes>
3809 1 week ago [rand.eng.sub] new Is std::subtract_with_carry_engine<uint16_t> supposed to work?
3790 3 weeks ago [cmath.syn] new P1467 accidentally changed nexttoward's signature
617 3 weeks ago [array] open std::array is a sequence that doesn't satisfy the sequence requirements?
3812 3 weeks ago [propagate_const.const_observers] new [fund.ts.v3] Incorrect constraint on propagate_const conversion function
3813 3 weeks ago [span.overview] new std::span<volatile T, E> is made ill-formed by P2278R4 when T is a normal class type
3821 3 weeks ago [] open uses_allocator_construction_args should have overload for pair-like
3810 3 weeks ago [format.args] lewg CTAD for std::basic_format_args
3807 3 weeks ago [version.syn] ready The feature test macro for ranges::find_last should be renamed
3825 3 weeks ago [format.parse.ctx] ready Missing compile-time argument id check in basic_format_parse_context::next_arg_id
3085 3 weeks ago [char.traits.require] ready char_traits::copy precondition too weak
3827 3 weeks ago [stdalign.h.syn],[stdbool.h.syn] lewg Deprecate <stdalign.h> and <stdalign.h> macros
3828 3 weeks ago [cstdint.syn] lewg Sync intmax_t and uintmax_t with C2x
3756 3 weeks ago [support.signal][atomics.flag] ready Is the std::atomic_flag class signal-safe?
2195 3 weeks ago [re.results] ready Missing constructors for match_results
3664 3 weeks ago [range.iter.op.distance] ready LWG 3392 broke std::ranges::distance(a, a+3)
3698 3 weeks ago [re.iter][range.join] open regex_iterator and join_view don't work together very well
3769 3 weeks ago [const.iterators] ready basic_const_iterator::operator== causes infinite constraint recursion
3811 3 weeks ago [] ready views::as_const on ref_view<T> should return ref_view<const T>
3819 3 weeks ago [meta.unary.prop] ready reference_meows_from_temporary should not use is_meowible
3820 3 weeks ago [ranges.cartesian.iterator] ready cartesian_product_view::iterator::prev is not quite right
3679 3 weeks ago [range.istream] lewg Is <ranges> sufficient for istream_view?
3720 3 weeks ago [format.string.std] ready Restrict the valid types of arg-id for width and precision in std-format-spec
3032 3 weeks ago [alg.heap.operations] ready ValueSwappable requirement missing for push_heap and make_heap
2295 4 weeks ago [locale.cons] ready Locale name when the provided Facet is a nullptr
2819 1 month ago [thread.req.lockable][thread.mutex.requirements] new Unspecified Return type: elements
3089 1 month ago [alg.copy] new copy_n should require non-overlapping ranges
2158 1 month ago [vector.capacity] open Conditional copy/move in std::vector
3758 1 month ago [vector.capacity][vector.modifiers] [deque.capacity][deque.modifiers] new Element-relocating operations of std::vector and std::deque should conditionally require Cpp17CopyInsertable in their preconditions
3802 1 month ago [][flat.multimap] [flat.set][flat.multiset] new flat_foo allocator-extended constructors lack move semantics
3803 1 month ago [][flat.multimap] [flat.set][flat.multiset] new flat_foo constructors taking KeyContainer lack KeyCompare parameter
3804 1 month ago [][flat.multimap] [flat.set][flat.multiset] new flat_foo missing some allocator-extended deduction guides
3794 1 month ago [fs.path.itr] new std::filesystem::path::iterator::reference should be allowed to be std::filesystem::path
3797 1 month ago [range.elements.view] new elements_view insufficiently constrained
3799 1 month ago [support.c.headers.other] new Should <math.h> provide 3-argument ::hypot overloads?
3805 1 month ago [function.objects][range.utility.conv.adaptors] [range.adaptor.object] new Expression evaluating to a call wrapper is a prvalue, not an object
3644 1 month ago [format.string.std] new std::format does not define "integer presentation type"
3673 1 month ago [locale.cons] new ยง[locale.cons] Ambiguous argument in Throws for locale+name+category constructor

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