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3664 5 days ago [range.iter.op.distance] new LWG 3392 broke std::ranges::distance(a, a+3)
3663 6 days ago [string.cons][string.assign] new basic_string(const T&, const Alloc&) turns moves into copies
3662 6 days ago [string.append][string.assign] new basic_string::append/assign(NTBS, pos, n) suboptimal
3661 6 days ago [util.smartptr.atomic.shared] new constinit atomic<shared_ptr<T>> a(nullptr); should work
3660 6 days ago [common.iter.types] new iterator_traits<common_iterator>::pointer should conform to §[iterator.traits]
3638 6 days ago [vector.bool] new vector<bool>::swap(reference, reference) is useless
3658 6 days ago [] new basic_streambuf::sputn is both overspecified and underspecified
3657 1 week ago [fs.class.path] new std::hash<std::filesystem::path> is not enabled
3659 1 week ago [depr.atomics.flag] new Consider ATOMIC_FLAG_INIT undeprecation
3656 1 week ago [bit.pow.two] new Inconsistent bit operations returning a count
3654 1 week ago [format.context] new basic_format_context::arg(size_t) should be noexcept
3655 1 month ago [func.require] new The INVOKE operation and union types
3647 1 month ago [special.mem.concepts] new nothrow-input-iterator constraints should not mention copying
3652 1 month ago [csetjmp.syn] new Can we relax the preconditions of longjmp?
3653 1 month ago [coroutine.syn] new <coroutine> is freestanding, but uses std::hash which is not
3436 1 month ago [specialized.construct] new std::construct_at should support arrays
3651 1 month ago [format] new Unspecified lifetime guarantees for the format string
3650 1 month ago [basic.string.general] new Are std::basic_string's iterator and const_iterator constexpr iterators?
3649 1 month ago [general.feature.test] new [fund.ts.v3] Reinstate and bump __cpp_lib_experimental_memory_resource feature test macro
3648 1 month ago [format.string.std] new format should not print bool with 'c'
3645 1 month ago [string.capacity] new resize_and_overwrite is overspecified to call its callback with lvalues
3646 1 month ago [view.interface.general] new std::ranges::view_interface::size returns a signed type
3525 1 month ago [] new uses_allocator_construction_args fails to handle types convertible to pair
3586 2 months ago [format.string.std] new Formatting character alignment inconsistencies
3644 2 months ago [format.string.std] new std::format does not define "integer presentation type"
3643 2 months ago [counted.iter.nav] new Missing constexpr in std::counted_iterator
3642 2 months ago [func.wrap.move.ctor] new move_only_function assignment operators seem to be defined suboptimal
3411 2 months ago [memory.resource.syn] new [fund.ts.v3] Contradictory namespace rules in the Library Fundamentals TS
3635 2 months ago [version.syn] new Add __cpp_lib_deduction_guides to feature test macros
3545 2 months ago [pointer.traits] lewg std::pointer_traits should be SFINAE-friendly
3641 2 months ago [format.syn] new Add operator== to format_to_n_result
3640 2 months ago [utility.requirements] new Clarify which exceptions are propagated
3639 2 months ago [format.string.std] new Handling of fill character width is underspecified in std::format
3636 2 months ago [formatter.requirements] new formatter<T>::format should be const-qualified
3637 2 months ago [mem.res.class] new pmr::memory_resource::do_allocate needs clarification
3634 2 months ago [][syserr.errcat.objects] new When are static-duration memory_resource objects destroyed?
3633 2 months ago [atomics] new Atomics are copy constructible and copy assignable from volatile atomics
3632 2 months ago [unique.ptr.single.ctor] new unique_ptr "Mandates: This constructor is not selected by class template argument deduction"
3631 2 months ago [format.arg] new basic_format_arg(T&&) should use remove_cvref_t<T> throughout
3378 2 months ago [tuple.syn][tuple.helper] new tuple_size_v/tuple_element_t should be available when tuple_size/tuple_element are
3629 2 months ago [syserr] new make_error_code and make_error_condition are customization points
3630 3 months ago [re.regex.construct] new Inconsistent basic_regex construction and assignment from iterator range
3594 3 months ago [inout.ptr.t] new inout_ptr — inconsistent release() in destructor
3627 3 months ago [optional.specalg] new Inconsistent specifications for std::make_optional overloads
3626 3 months ago [stacktrace.basic.overview] new Is std::basic_stacktrace required to use contiguous storage?
3625 3 months ago [stacktrace.syn][iterator.range] new Should <stacktrace> provide range access function templates?
3624 3 months ago [support.rtti][support.initlist][cmp] new Inconsistency of <typeinfo>, <initializer_list>, and <compare> in the standard library
3623 3 months ago [reverse.iterators.general] new Uses of std::reverse_iterator with containers should not require manually including <iterator>
3622 3 months ago [unord.req.general] new Misspecified transitivity of equivalence in §[unord.req.general]
3621 3 months ago [version.syn] new Remove feature-test macro __cpp_lib_monadic_optional

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