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4076 2 days ago [version.syn] new concat_view should be freestanding
4074 2 days ago [range.join.with.view] new compatible-joinable-ranges is underconstrained
4073 3 days ago [range.concat.view] new `concat_view::size` may overflow
4075 3 days ago [utility.requirements] new Thread stability requirement on constructors and destructors
4077 3 days ago [alg.rand.generate] new Unclear preconditions of `std::ranges::generate_random`
4072 4 days ago [optional.comp.with.t] new `std::optional` comparisons: constrain harder
4071 4 days ago [refwrap.comparisons] new reference_wrapper comparisons are not SFINAE-friendly
4070 4 days ago [fs.path.fmtr.funcs] new Transcoding by std::formatter<std::filesystem::path>
4068 5 days ago [res.on.requirements] [structure.requirements] new Terminology for objects whose types model a concept
4069 5 days ago [atomics.types.generic] new std::atomic<volatile T> should be ill-formed
4067 1 week ago [] new Inconsistency and potential infinity meta-recursion in std::chrono::zoned_time's constructors
4066 1 week ago [] new ranges::to should reserve when sized_sentinel_for is satisfied
3210 1 week ago [util.smartptr.shared.create] new allocate_shared is inconsistent about removing const from the pointer passed to allocator construct and destroy
4065 1 week ago [allocator.requirements.general] new Requirements for fancy pointers might be insufficient for self-referential implementation of containers
4064 2 weeks ago [cstring.syn] new Clarify that std::launder is not needed when using the result of std::memcpy
4063 3 weeks ago [char.traits.specializations.char] new Freestanding std::char_traits<char>::eof depends on non-freestanding EOF
4062 3 weeks ago [range.prim.empty] new ranges::empty has no semantic requirements for forward_ranges
4061 4 weeks ago [format.context] new Should std::basic_format_context be default-constructible/copyable/movable?
4060 4 weeks ago [mdspan.submdspan.submdspan] new submdspan preconditions do not forbid creating invalid pointer
4059 1 month ago [range.join.with.iterator] new Leaky abstraction in join_with_view's iterator
3918 1 month ago [uninitialized.move] open std::uninitialized_move/_n and guaranteed copy elision
4044 1 month ago [] open Confusing requirements for std::print on POSIX platforms
3971 1 month ago [range.join.with.view] open Join ranges of rvalue references with ranges of prvalues
3436 1 month ago [specialized.construct] new std::construct_at should support arrays
3944 1 month ago [format.formatter.spec] ready Formatters converting sequences of char to sequences of wchar_t
2146 1 month ago [utility.arg.requirements] open Are reference types Copy/Move-Constructible/Assignable or Destructible?
3988 1 month ago [const.iterators][] open Should as_const_view and basic_const_iterator provide base()?
4029 1 month ago [basic.string.general] new basic_string accidentally fails to meet the reversible container requirements
4041 1 month ago [concept.swappable] new The requirements on literal type in [concept.swappable] should be removed
4046 1 month ago [associative.reqmts.except][][flat.multimap.overview] [flat.set.overview][flat.multiset.overview] new Effects of inserting into or erasing from flat container adaptors when an exception is thrown need to be more permissive
4047 1 month ago [namespace.std] new Explicitly specifying template arguments for std::swap should not be supported
4048 1 month ago [flat.set][] new Inconsistent preconditions for transparent insertion of std::flat_map/std::flat_set
4032 1 month ago [util.smartptr.shared.const] new Possibly invalid types in the constraints of constructors of std::shared_ptr
4058 1 month ago [pointer.conversion] new std::to_address() should be SFINAE-friendly
4055 1 month ago [iterator.operations] new §[iterator.operations] std::distance is missing a precondition
4042 1 month ago [] lewg std::print should permit an efficient implementation
4052 1 month ago [rand.dist.samp.pconst] [rand.dist.samp.plinear] new Bogus requirements for piecewise_linear_distribution
4017 1 month ago [range.split.iterator][range.lazy.split.outer] new Behavior of std::views::split on an empty range
4024 1 month ago [util.smartptr.shared.create] new Underspecified destruction of objects created in std::make_shared_for_overwrite/std::allocate_shared_for_overwrite
4040 1 month ago [tuple.helper] new Contradictory specification of std::tuple_size
4027 1 month ago [ranges.syn] open possibly-const-range should prefer returning const R&
4005 1 month ago [defns.required.behavior][structure.specifications][res.on.functions] new "Required behavior" too narrowly defined
4007 1 month ago [func.require] new Mystic prohibition of calling a volatile-qualified perfect forwarding call wrapper
4008 1 month ago [] new §[] ranges::to may cause infinite recursion if range_value_t<C> is a non-move-constructible range
4010 1 month ago [range.subrange.access] new subrange::advance should be improved
4015 1 month ago [optional.monadic] new LWG 3973 broke const overloads of std::optional monadic operations
4018 1 month ago [] new ranges::to's copy branch is underconstrained
4026 1 month ago [expected.object.assign][expected.void.assign] new Assignment operators of std::expected should propagate triviality
4019 1 month ago [range.reverse] open Reversing an infinite range leads to an infinite loop
4004 1 month ago [atomics.order] open The load and store operation in §[atomics.order] p1 is ambiguous

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