ID Activity Section Status Title
3617 yesterday [func.wrap.func.con][futures.task.members] ready function/packaged_task deduction guides and deducing this
3725 7 days ago [reverse.iter.elem] new reverse_iterator::operator-> should not use prev for non-pointer iterators
3724 7 days ago [expos.only.func] new decay-copy should be constrained
3723 7 days ago [priqueue.members] new priority_queue::push_range needs to append_range
3722 7 days ago [] new ranges::to reserves the wrong size
3721 7 days ago [format.string.std] new Allow an arg-id with a value of zero for width in std-format-spec
3720 7 days ago [format.string.std] new Restrict the valid types of arg-id for width and precision in std-format-spec
3703 1 week ago [expected.void.general] ready Missing requirements for expected<T, E> requires is_void<T>
3714 1 week ago [] lewg Non-single-argument constructors for range adaptors should not be explicit
3701 1 week ago [format.formatter.spec] ready Make formatter<remove_cvref_t<const charT[N]>, charT> requirement explicit
3702 1 week ago [] ready Should zip_transform_view::iterator remove operator<?
3704 1 week ago [set.overview][multiset.overview] [unord.set.overview][unord.multiset.overview] ready LWG 2059 added overloads that might be ill-formed for sets
3705 1 week ago [basic.string.hash] ready Hashability shouldn't depend on basic_string's allocator
3707 1 week ago [range.chunk.outer.value] ready chunk_view::outer-iterator::value_type::size should return unsigned type
3708 1 week ago [range.take.while.sentinel] ready take_while_view::sentinel's conversion constructor should move
3709 1 week ago [optional.optional.general][variant.variant.general] ready LWG-3703 was underly ambitious
3710 1 week ago [range.chunk.view.input] ready The end of chunk_view for input ranges can be const
3711 1 week ago [range.slide.view] ready Missing preconditions for slide_view constructor
3712 1 week ago [range.chunk.view.input][range.chunk.view.fwd][range.slide.view] ready chunk_view and slide_view should not be default_initializable
3713 1 week ago [alg.sorting.general] ready Sorted with respect to comparator (only)
3715 1 week ago [view.interface.general] ready view_interface::empty is overconstrained
3700 1 week ago [range.join.view][range.join.with.view] new The const begin of the join_view family does not require InnerRng to be a range
3706 1 week ago [format.formatter.spec] new How does std::format work with character arrays of unknown bound?
3719 2 weeks ago [][fs.class.rec.dir.itr.general] new Directory iterators should be usable with default sentinel
3718 2 weeks ago [format.arg] new P2418R2 broke the overload resolution for std::basic_format_arg
3717 2 weeks ago [range.common.view] new common_view::end should improve random_access_range case
3716 2 weeks ago [iterator.concept.forward][forward.iterators] new §[iterator.concept.forward][forward.iterators] Two different definitions of multi-pass guarantee
3681 1 month ago [mem.res.syn][memory.syn] new Further considerations on LWG 3679
3682 1 month ago [allocator.requirements.general] new A Cpp17Allocator type can't silently ignore an unsupported alignment
3684 1 month ago [allocator.members] new std::allocator<T>::allocate_at_least in constant evaluation
3685 1 month ago [range.lazy.split.view] new In lazy_split_view, CTAD doesn't work when given an input_range input and a tiny-range pattern
3686 1 month ago [range.lazy.split.outer][range.lazy.split.inner] new In lazy_split_view, comparing a default-constructed outer-iterator or inner-iterator with std::default_sentinel results in null pointer dereference
3688 1 month ago [expected.bad][expected.bad.void] [expected.object.obs][expected.void.obs] new Exception specifications of copy/move member functions of std::bad_expected_access
3689 1 month ago [facet.num.get.virtuals] new num_get overflow determination unclear and incorrect
3690 1 month ago [contents][tuple.apply] new std::make_from_tuple etc. should find all tuple-like std::get overloads
3691 1 month ago [associative.reqmts.general][unord.req.general] new Replacement of keys in associative containers
3693 1 month ago [c.math] new §[c.math] Can any of float/double/long double overloads be fused into template overloads?
3694 1 month ago [char.traits.require] new Should traits_type::length be customizable?
3696 1 month ago [stream.types] new "Basic integral types" should not be used
3697 1 month ago [meta.unary.prop] new Preconditions of reference_constructs_from_temporary/reference_converts_from_temporary seem wrong
3698 1 month ago [re.iter][range.join] new regex_iterator and join_view don't work together very well
3699 1 month ago [fs.path.gen] new lexically_relative on UNC drive paths (\\?\C:\...) results in a default-constructed value
3683 1 month ago [mem.poly.allocator.class] ready operator== for polymorphic_allocator cannot deduce template argument in common cases
3687 1 month ago [expected.void.assign] ready expected<cv void, E> move constructor should move
3692 1 month ago [] ready zip_view::iterator's operator<=> is overconstrained
3118 2 months ago [fpos.operations] new fpos equality comparison unspecified
2114 2 months ago [nullablepointer.requirements][input.iterators][random.access.iterators] [algorithms.general][alg.sorting][thread.req.paramname] open Incorrect "contextually convertible to bool" requirements
3049 2 months ago [algorithms.requirements] open Missing wording allowing algorithms to use copies of function objects as substitutes for their parameters
2962 2 months ago [input.iterators] open Iterators of Containers of move-only types do not model InputIterator
3044 2 months ago [allocator.requirements] new Strange specification of max_size() for an allocator

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