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2561 4 days ago [optional.object.swap][propagate_const.modifiers] new [fund.ts.v2] Incorrect exception specifications for 'swap' in C++ Extensions for Library Fundamentals
3413 4 days ago [propagate_const.modifiers][propagate_const.algorithms] new [fund.ts.v3] propagate_const's swap's noexcept specification needs to be constrained and use a trait
3420 4 days ago [iterator.traits] new cpp17-iterator should check that the type looks like an iterator first
3418 4 days ago [atomics.nonmembers] new Deprecated free functions in <atomic>
3419 5 days ago [algorithms.requirements] new §[algorithms.requirements]/15 doesn't reserve as many rights as it intends to
3407 5 days ago [range.take.overview][range.iota] new Some problems with the wording changes of P1739R4
3408 5 days ago [counted.iterator] new LWG 3291 reveals deficiencies in counted_iterator
3417 5 days ago [atomics.types.operations] new Missing volatile atomic deprecations
3414 2 weeks ago [async.exec.ctx] new [networking.ts] service_already_exists has no usable constructors
3402 3 weeks ago [rand.dist.bern.negbin] new Wording for negative_binomial_distribution is unclear as a consequence of LWG 2406 resolution
3401 3 weeks ago [structure.specifications] new Is "as if by" equivalent to "equivalent to"?
3400 3 weeks ago [meta.rel] new Does is_nothrow_convertible consider destruction of the destination type?
3403 3 weeks ago [range.prim.ssize] new Domain of ranges::ssize(E) doesn't match ranges::size(E)
3416 1 month ago [any.class] new The Throws: specification of std::any does not mention allocation
3415 1 month ago [back.insert.iterator] new back_insert_iterator fails when a container is also its value type
3410 1 month ago [alg.three.way] new lexicographical_compare_three_way is overspecified
3409 1 month ago [atomics.ref.ops] new Too lax description of atomic_ref<T>::required_alignment
3412 1 month ago [format.string.std] new §[format.string.std] references to "Unicode encoding" unclear
3411 1 month ago [memory.resource.syn] new [fund.ts.v3] Contradictory namespace rules in the Library Fundamentals TS
3343 1 month ago [thread.condition.nonmember] new Ordering of calls to unlock() and notify_all() in Effects element of notify_all_at_thread_exit() should be reversed
3406 1 month ago [range.elements.view] new elements_view::begin() and elements_view::end() have incompatible constraints
3099 1 month ago [meta.type.synop] new is_assignable<Incomplete&, Incomplete&>
3265 1 month ago [move.iter.cons] new move_iterator's conversions are more broken after P1207
3195 1 month ago [util.smartptr.weak.const] new What is the stored pointer value of an empty weak_ptr?
3283 1 month ago [iterator.traits] new Types satisfying input_iterator but not equality_comparable look like C++17 output iterators
3289 1 month ago [iterator.traits][common.iter.types] new Cannot opt out of C++17 iterator-ness without also opting out of C++20 iterator-ness
3143 1 month ago [mem.res.monotonic.buffer] new monotonic_buffer_resource growth policy is unclear
2939 1 month ago [meta.type.synop] new Some type-completeness constraints of traits are overspecified
3212 1 month ago [span.tuple] new tuple_element_t<1, const span<int, 42>> is const int
3386 1 month ago [range.elements] new elements_view needs its own sentinel type
3391 1 month ago [move.iterators][iterators.counted] new Problems with counted_iterator/move_iterator::base() const &
3278 1 month ago [range.join.view] new join_view<V>::iterator<true> tries to write through const join_view ptr
3376 1 month ago [iterator.concept.winc] new "integer-like class type" is too restrictive
3378 1 month ago [tuple.syn][tuple.helper] new tuple_size_v/tuple_element_t should be available when tuple_size/tuple_element are
2827 2 months ago [meta.unary.prop] new is_trivially_constructible and non-trivial destructors
3370 2 months ago [cstdint.syn][headers] new §[cstdint.syn]p2 and §[headers]p5 are not sufficiently clear
3366 2 months ago [iterator.concept.winc] new Narrowing conversions between integer and integer-class types
3361 2 months ago [range.range] new safe_range<SomeRange&> case
3353 3 months ago [locale] new locale's copy assignment operator should return locale&
3345 3 months ago [concept.swappable][iterator.cust.swap][range.iter.op.advance] [range.iter.op.distance][reverse.iterator][move.iterator] [move.iter.nav][common.iter.types][common.iter.nav] [range.access][range.iota.iterator][range.adaptors] [algorithms] new Incorrect usages of "models" versus "satisfies"
3342 3 months ago [pairs.pair][tuple.cnstr][variant.ctor] [util.smartptr.atomic.shared][allocator.adaptor.cnstr] [format.parse.ctx][format.arg][container.adaptors] [predef.iterators][range.subrange.ctor][range.factories] [range.adaptors][numeric.ops][time.hms] [re.iter][atomics.types.generic][atomics.nonmembers] [thread.stoptoken][thread.threads][thread.mutex] [thread.sema][thread.coord][futures] new Library wording uses "initializes x with y", which is underspecified
3344 3 months ago [iterator.operations][range.iter.op.advance] new advance(i, most-negative) and prev(i, most-negative)
3337 4 months ago [locale.codecvt.virtuals] new What is "is initialized" supposed to mean?
3339 4 months ago [basic.string][vector][] [unord.set][container.requirements.general] new Move-constructed empty-container capacity
3341 4 months ago [re.regex.construct] new basic_regex range constructor: Missing requirements for iterator types
3293 5 months ago [move.iter.nonmember] new move_iterator operator+() has incorrect constraints
3306 5 months ago [range.iter.op.advance] new ranges::advance violates its preconditions
3308 5 months ago [deque.modifiers][vector.modifiers] new vector and deque iterator erase invalidates elements even when no change occurs
3309 5 months ago [string.streams][file.streams] new Is <ios> implicitly #included by <sstream>, <fstream> etc.?
3297 5 months ago [sequence.reqmts] new Useless sequence container requirement

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