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2950 3 months ago [support.types.byteops] new std::byte operations are misspecified
2992 3 months ago [syserr.errcat.objects][syserr.errcode.constructors] new system_category() and error_code::error_code() should be constexpr
2993 3 months ago [refwrap] new reference_wrapper<T> conversion from T&&
2899 3 months ago [tuple][optional][unique.ptr.single.ctor] new is_(nothrow_)move_constructible and tuple, optional and unique_ptr
2955 3 months ago [utility] new to_chars / from_chars depend on std::string
2991 3 months ago [variant.ctor] new variant copy constructor missing noexcept(see below)
2990 3 months ago [optional.optional] new optional::value_type is not always a value type
2989 3 months ago [] new path's stream insertion operator lets you insert everything under the sun
2956 3 months ago [fs.op.canonical] new filesystem::canonical() still defined in terms of absolute(p, base)
2983 3 months ago [] new money_put::do_put underspecified
2883 3 months ago [string.view] new The standard library should provide string_view parameters instead or in addition for functions defined with char const * or string const & as parameter types.
2986 3 months ago [re.grammar] new Handling of multi-character collating elements by the regex FSM is underspecified
2987 3 months ago [re.grammar] new Relationship between traits_inst.lookup_collatename and the regex FSM is underspecified with regards to ClassAtomCollatingElement
2985 3 months ago [alg.reverse] new std::reverse should be permitted to be vectorized
2984 3 months ago [ext.manip] new put_money(99) is unnecessarily undefined
2981 4 months ago [refwrap][thread.lock.guard] [thread.lock.scoped][thread.lock.unique][thread.lock.shared] new Remove redundant deduction guides from standard library
2982 4 months ago [unord.set.overview][unord.multiset.overview] new Making size_type consistent in associative container deduction guides
2979 4 months ago [meta.trans.other] new aligned_union should require complete object types
2978 4 months ago [basic.string.hash][string.syn] new Hash support for pmr::string and friends
2972 4 months ago [meta.unary.prop] new What is is_trivially_destructible_v<int>?
2977 4 months ago [unord.req] new unordered_meow::merge() has incorrect Throws: clause
2969 4 months ago [mem.poly.allocator.mem] new polymorphic_allocator::construct() shouldn't pass resource()
2975 4 months ago [mem.poly.allocator.mem][allocator.adaptor.members] new Missing case for pair construction in scoped and polymorphic allocators
2973 4 months ago [alg.merge] new inplace_merge exact comparison count complexity prohibits useful real-world optimizations
2968 4 months ago [string.capacity] new Inconsistencies between basic_string reserve and vector/unordered_map/unordered_set reserve functions
2909 4 months ago [execpol.type] new User specializations of is_execution_policy should be ill-formed
2936 4 months ago [] new Path comparison is defined in terms of the generic format
2970 4 months ago [variant.visit] new Return type of std::visit misspecified
2967 4 months ago [alg.equal] new std::equal on empty ranges
2965 4 months ago [filesystem_error.members] new Non-existing path::native_string() in filesystem_error::what() specification
2964 5 months ago [util.smartptr.shared.cast] new Apparently redundant requirement for dynamic_pointer_cast
2962 5 months ago [input.iterators] new Iterators of Containers of move-only types do not model InputIterator
2960 5 months ago [meta] new [fund.ts.v2] nonesuch is insufficiently useless
2963 5 months ago [algorithms][numerics] new Algorithms with underspecified iterator requirements
2959 5 months ago [char.traits.specializations.char16_t] new char_traits<char16_t>::eof is a valid UTF-16 code unit
2958 5 months ago [pairs.pair][tuple.assign] new Moves improperly defined as deleted
2957 5 months ago [func.bind.bind] new bind's specification doesn't apply the cv-qualification of the call wrapper to the callable object
2944 5 months ago [unique.ptr.single.ctor] new LWG 2905 accidentally removed requirement that construction of the deleter doesn't throw an exception
2897 6 months ago [array.overview] new array::iterator and array::const_iterator should be literal types
2953 6 months ago [deque.modifiers] new LWG 2853 should apply to deque::erase too
2478 6 months ago [depr.conversions.string] new Unclear how wstring_convert uses cvtstate
2479 6 months ago [depr.conversions.buffer] new Unclear how wbuffer_convert uses cvtstate
2480 6 months ago [depr.conversions.buffer] new Error handling of wbuffer_convert unclear
2481 6 months ago [depr.conversions.string] new wstring_convert should be more precise regarding "byte-error string" etc.
2507 6 months ago [depr.locale.stdcvt] new codecvt_mode should be a bitmask type
2952 6 months ago [iterator.traits] new iterator_traits should work for pointers to cv T
2951 6 months ago [iterator.traits] new iterator_traits should SFINAE for void* and function pointers
2948 6 months ago [unique.ptr] new unique_ptr does not define operator<< for stream output
2929 6 months ago [string.assign] new basic_string misuses "Effects: Equivalent to"
2949 7 months ago [library] new Unclear complexity requirements: space vs. time
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