ID Activity Section Status Title
3177 yesterday [namespace.std] ready Limit permission to specialize variable templates to program-defined types
3777 yesterday [range.cartesian.view] open Common cartesian_product_view produces an invalid range if the first range is input and one of the ranges is empty
3778 yesterday [vector.bool.pspc] ready vector<bool> missing exception specifications
3783 yesterday [common.iterator][common.iter.cmp] new views::common may not be a range adaptor object
3787 yesterday [][range.utility.conv.adaptors] new ranges::to's template parameter C should not be a reference type
3753 yesterday [freestanding.entity] ready Clarify entity vs. freestanding entity
3788 yesterday [thread.jthread.cons] open jthread::operator=(jthread&&) postconditions are unimplementable under self-assignment
3785 yesterday [] ready ranges::to is over-constrained on the destination type being a range
3775 2 days ago [allocator.requirements.general] new Broken dependencies in the Cpp17Allocator requirements
3545 2 days ago [pointer.traits] open std::pointer_traits should be SFINAE-friendly
3789 4 days ago [new.delete.array] new Precondition of (not replaced) operator delete[]
3731 4 days ago [][range.adjacent.view] [range.cartesian.view] new zip_view and adjacent_view are underconstrained
3786 4 days ago [][flat.multimap.defn] new Flat maps' deduction guide needs to default Allocator to be useful
3784 5 days ago [std.modules] new std.compat should not provide ::byte and its friends
3766 5 days ago [view.interface.general] new view_interface::cbegin is underconstrained
3770 5 days ago [ranges.syn] new const_sentinel_t is missing
3677 6 days ago [] open Is a cv-qualified pair specially handled in uses-allocator construction?
3772 6 days ago [range.repeat.view] new repeat_view's piecewise constructor is missing Postconditions
3756 6 days ago [support.signal][atomics.flag] open Is the std::atomic_flag class signal-safe?
3758 6 days ago [vector.capacity][vector.modifiers] [deque.capacity][deque.modifiers] new Element-relocating operations of std::vector and std::deque should conditionally require Cpp17CopyInsertable in their preconditions
3763 6 days ago [range.repeat.iterator][ranges.cartesian.iterator] new Should range adaptor iterators only provide iterator_category when its difference_type is not an integer-class type?
3767 6 days ago [locale.category][locale.codecvt.general] open codecvt<charN_t, char8_t, mbstate_t> incorrectly added to locale
3769 6 days ago [const.iterators] new basic_const_iterator::operator== causes infinite constraint recursion
3629 6 days ago [syserr] ready make_error_code and make_error_condition are customization points
3757 6 days ago [forward] ready What's the effect of std::forward_like<void>(x)?
3759 6 days ago [alg.rotate] ready ranges::rotate_copy should use std::move
3761 6 days ago [ranges.cartesian.iterator] ready cartesian_product_view::iterator::operator- should pass by reference
3762 6 days ago [coro.generator.iterator] ready generator::iterator::operator== should pass by reference
3764 6 days ago [refwrap.invoke] ready reference_wrapper::operator() should propagate noexcept
3765 6 days ago [iterator.synopsis][const.iterators.alias] ready const_sentinel should be constrained
3771 6 days ago [func.wrap.func.overview] ready [fund.ts.v3] remove binders typedefs from function
3773 6 days ago [] ready views::zip_transform still requires F to be copy_constructible when empty pack
3774 6 days ago [flat.set.syn] ready <flat_set> should include <compare>
3760 6 days ago [range.cartesian] ready cartesian_product_view::iterator's parent_ is never valid
3755 6 days ago [] ready tuple-for-each can call user-defined operator,
3646 6 days ago [view.interface.general] ready std::ranges::view_interface::size returns a signed type
3484 1 week ago [support.c.headers.other] new Should <stddef.h> declare ::nullptr_t?
3782 1 week ago [support.c.headers.other] new Should <math.h> declare ::lerp?
3781 1 week ago [container.adaptors.general] new The exposition-only alias templates cont-key-type and cont-mapped-type should be removed
3780 1 week ago [format.string.std] new format's width estimation is too approximate and not forward compatible
3779 1 week ago [alg.fold] new ranges::fold_* can unintentionally const_cast and reinterpret_cast
3776 1 week ago [formatter.requirements] new Avoid parsing format-spec if it is not present or empty
3754 3 weeks ago [expected.object.general] ready Class template expected synopsis contains declarations that do not match the detailed description
3028 3 weeks ago [container.requirements.general] ready Container requirements tables should distinguish const and non-const variables
3733 3 weeks ago [] open ranges::to misuses cpp17-input-iterator
3732 1 month ago [sequence.reqmts] ready prepend_range and append_range can't be amortized constant time
3636 1 month ago [formatter.requirements] ready formatter<T>::format should be const-qualified
3594 1 month ago [inout.ptr.t] ready inout_ptr — inconsistent release() in destructor
3734 1 month ago [out.ptr.t] new Inconsistency in inout_ptr and out_ptr for empty case
3737 1 month ago [range.take.sentinel] new take_view::sentinel should provide operator-

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