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3575 3 days ago [iterator.concept.winc] new <=> for integer-class types isn't consistently specified
2414 4 days ago [reentrancy] open Member function reentrancy should be implementation-defined
2214 4 days ago [basic.ios.cons] open Clarify basic_ios::init call restrictions
3574 1 week ago [common.iterator] new common_iterator should be completely constexpr-able
2191 2 weeks ago [re.results.const] ready Incorrect specification of match_results(match_results&&)
3573 2 weeks ago [string.view.cons] new Missing Throws element for basic_string_view(It begin, End end)
2114 1 month ago [nullablepointer.requirements][input.iterators][random.access.iterators] [algorithms.general][alg.sorting][thread.req.paramname] open Incorrect "contextually convertible to bool" requirements
3569 1 month ago [range.join.iterator] new join_view fails to support ranges of ranges with non-default_initializable iterators
2762 1 month ago [unique.ptr.single.observers] ready unique_ptr operator*() should be noexcept
3152 1 month ago [meta.trans.other] ready common_type and common_reference have flaws in common
3293 1 month ago [move.iter.nonmember] ready move_iterator operator+() has incorrect constraints
3392 1 month ago [range.iter.op.distance] ready ranges::distance() cannot be used on a move-only iterator with a sized sentinel
3422 1 month ago [rand.util.seedseq] ready Issues of seed_seq's constructors
3470 1 month ago [range.subrange] ready convertible-to-non-slicing seems to reject valid case
3480 1 month ago [][fs.class.rec.dir.itr] ready directory_iterator and recursive_directory_iterator are not C++20 ranges
3498 1 month ago [syncstream.syncbuf.overview][syncstream.syncbuf.assign] ready Inconsistent noexcept-specifiers for basic_syncbuf
3535 1 month ago [range.join.iterator] ready join_view::iterator::iterator_category and ::iterator_concept lie
3554 1 month ago [time.parse] ready chrono::parse needs const charT* and basic_string_view<charT> overloads
3560 1 month ago [alg.equal][] ready ranges::equal and ranges::is_permutation should short-circuit for sized_ranges
3566 1 month ago [optional.comp.with.t] ready Constraint recursion for operator<=>(optional<T>, U)
3567 1 month ago [format.context] ready Formatting move-only iterators take two
3568 1 month ago [range.istream.view] ready basic_istream_view needs to initialize value_
3570 1 month ago [syncstream.osyncstream.members] ready basic_osyncstream::emit should be an unformatted output function
3571 1 month ago [ostream.manip] ready flush_emit should set badbit if the emit call fails
3572 1 month ago [range.copy.wrap] ready copyable-box should be fully constexpr
2136 1 month ago [structure] open Postconditions vs. exceptions
3407 1 month ago [range.take.overview][range.iota] new Some problems with the wording changes of P1739R4
3563 1 month ago [range.elements.overview] new keys_view example is broken
3559 1 month ago [range.sized] ready Semantic requirements of sized_range is circular
3561 1 month ago [rand.adapt.disc] ready Issue with internal counter in discard_block_engine
3564 1 month ago [range.transform.iterator] open transform_view::iterator<true>::value_type and iterator_category should use const F&
3565 1 month ago [time.format] open Handling of encodings in localized formatting of chrono types is underspecified
3557 1 month ago [concept.convertible] ready The static_cast expression in convertible_to has the wrong operand
2595 1 month ago [reverse.iterator][reverse.iter.elem] new reverse_iterator::operator[]'s return type revisited
3556 2 months ago [structure.requirements] new Specification of when semantic constraints are imposed by use of concepts is unclear
3088 2 months ago [forwardlist.ops] new forward_list::merge behavior unclear when passed *this
3146 2 months ago [refwrap.helpers] new Excessive unwrapping in std::ref/cref
3471 2 months ago [mem.res] new polymorphic_allocator::allocate does not satisfy Cpp17Allocator requirements
3121 2 months ago [tuple.cnstr] open tuple constructor constraints for UTypes&&... overloads
3550 2 months ago [reserved.names] new Names reserved by C for standard library not reserved by C++
3361 2 months ago [range.range] new safe_range<SomeRange&> case
2381 2 months ago [facet.num.get.virtuals] open Inconsistency in parsing floating point numbers
3493 2 months ago [func.wrap.func.con] new The constructor of std::function taking an F is missing a constraint
3547 2 months ago [time.format] new Time formatters should not be locale sensitive by default
3445 2 months ago [socket.iostream.cons][socket.iostream.members] lewg [networking.ts] net::basic_socket_istream::connect should be constrained
3545 2 months ago [pointer.traits] new std::pointer_traits should be SFINAE-friendly
3531 3 months ago [map.overview][multimap.overview] [][unord.multimap.overview] new LWG 3025 broke previous valid code
3534 3 months ago [set.intersection][set.difference] lewg ranges::set_intersection and ranges::set_difference algorithm requirements are too strict
3537 3 months ago [iterator.range] new §[iterator.range] Missing noexcept for std::rbegin/rend for arrays and initializer_list
3538 3 months ago [library.c] new §[library.c] C library functions are not addressable

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