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3081 2 days ago [charconv.from.chars] open Floating point from_chars API does not distinguish between overflow and underflow
3913 2 days ago [ranges.syn] new ranges::const_iterator_t<range R> fails to accept arrays of unknown bound
3912 4 days ago [range.enumerate.iterator] new enumerate_view::iterator::operator- should be noexcept
3909 4 days ago [ranges.refinements][range.adaptor.object] new Issues about viewable_range
3910 4 days ago [iostream.objects.overview] new The effects of including <iostream> on initialization are not yet precisely specified
3911 4 days ago [unique.ptr.single.observers] [unique.ptr.runtime.observers] new unique_ptr's operator* is missing a mandate
3908 7 days ago [range.enumerate.iterator] new enumerate_view::iterator constructor is explicit
3898 1 week ago [thread.barrier.class] new Possibly unintended preconditions for completion functions of std::barrier
3882 1 week ago [tuple.rel] new tuple relational operators have confused friendships
3883 1 week ago [support.c.headers.other] new §[support.c.headers.other] Ambiguity in the requirements for includes
3886 1 week ago [optional.optional.general][expected.object.general] new Monad mo' problems
3888 1 week ago [specialized.construct] new Most ranges uninitialized memory algorithms are underconstrained
3889 1 week ago [specialized.destroy] new std::(ranges::)destroy_at should destroy array elements in the decreasing index order
3890 1 week ago [iterator.concept.winc] new ABI issue for integer-class types
3891 1 week ago [expected.object.general] new LWG 3870 breaks std::expected<cv T, E>
3892 1 week ago [format.range.formatter][format.tuple] new Incorrect formatting of nested ranges and tuples
3895 1 week ago [concepts.syn][iterator.synopsis] new Various relation concepts are missing default values of the second template parameters
3896 1 week ago [range.refinements] new The definition of viewable_range is not quite right
3897 1 week ago [inout.ptr.t] new inout_ptr will not update raw pointer to 0
3899 1 week ago [coro.generator.promise] new co_yielding elements of an lvalue generator is unnecessarily inefficient
3900 1 week ago [coro.generator.promise] new The allocator_arg_t overloads of generator::promise_type::operator new should not be constrained
3902 1 week ago [declval] new Return type of std::declval<cv void> should be (cv-unqualified) void
3903 1 week ago [span.overview] ready span destructor is redundantly noexcept
3894 1 week ago [coro.generator.promise] ready generator::promise_type::yield_value(ranges::elements_of<Rng, Alloc>) should not be noexcept
3893 1 week ago [util.smartptr.atomic.shared] ready LWG 3661 broke atomic<shared_ptr<T>> a; a = nullptr;
3885 1 week ago [zombie.names] ready 'op' should be in [zombie.names]
3884 1 week ago [][flat.multimap] [flat.set][flat.multiset] ready flat_foo is missing allocator-extended copy/move constructors
3887 1 week ago [version.syn] ready Version macro for allocate_at_least
3905 1 week ago [cfenv.syn] new Type of std::fexcept_t
3904 1 week ago [range.lazy.split.outer] new lazy_split_view::outer-iterator's const-converting constructor isn't setting trailing_empty_
3906 1 week ago [atomics.types.pointer][atomics.ref.pointer] new "Undefined address" is undefined
3907 1 week ago [range.factories][range.adaptors] new Can iterator types of range adaptors and range factories be SCARY?
3767 1 month ago [locale.category][locale.codecvt.general] open codecvt<charN_t, char8_t, mbstate_t> incorrectly added to locale
3844 1 month ago [time.format] open Non-numeric formats for negative durations
3873 1 month ago [range.join.with.view] new join_with_view's const begin is underconstrained
3424 1 month ago [optional.observe] new optional::value_or should never return a cv-qualified type
3776 1 month ago [formatter.requirements] lewg Avoid parsing format-spec if it is not present or empty
3861 1 month ago [mdspan.layout.stride] new mdspan layout_stride::mapping default constructor problem
3863 1 month ago [const.iterators.alias] new Is input_iterator guaranteed to have iter_const_reference_t?
3864 1 month ago [] new zip over range of reference to an abstract type
3868 1 month ago [alg.replace][alg.fill] lewg Constrained algorithms should not require output_iterator
3845 1 month ago [] new ranges::to's from_range_t tag branch has the wrong constraint
3846 1 month ago [range.iota.iterator] new iota_view::iterator::operator- is overconstrained
3852 1 month ago [range.join.with.iterator] new join_with_view::iterator's iter_move and iter_swap should be conditionally noexcept
3854 1 month ago [res.on.exception.handling] new §[res.on.exception.handling]/3 should not be applied to all standard library types
3855 1 month ago [range.lazy.split.view] new tiny-range is not quite right
3856 1 month ago [time.format] new Unclear which conversion specifiers are valid for each chrono type
3229 2 months ago [res.on.exception.handling] new §[res.on.exception.handling]#3 cannot apply to types with implicitly declared destructors
3832 2 months ago [range.elements.iterator] new Missing change for element_view::iterator in LWG 3798
2321 2 months ago [container.requirements.general] open Moving containers should (usually) be required to preserve iterators

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