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3030 1 month ago [thread.lock.algorithm] new Who shall meet the requirements of try_lock?
3029 1 month ago [pop.heap] new pop_heap over-constrains input
3025 1 month ago [map.overview][multimap.overview] [][unord.multimap.overview] new Map-like container deduction guides should use pair<Key, T>, not pair<const Key, T>
2975 1 month ago [mem.poly.allocator.mem][allocator.adaptor.members] new Missing case for pair construction in scoped and polymorphic allocators
3006 1 month ago [stringbuf.cons] new Constructing a basic_stringbuf from a string — where does the allocator come from?
2999 1 month ago [thread.decaycopy] new §[thread.decaycopy] issue
2836 1 month ago [basic.string][string.find][string.rfind] [string.find.first.of][string.find.last.of][string.find.first.not.of] [string.find.last.not.of][] new More string operations should be noexcept
3028 1 month ago [container.requirements.general] new Container requirements tables should distinguish const and non-const variables
3027 1 month ago [buffer.reqmts.dynamicbuffer] new [networking.ts] DynamicBuffer prepare exception specification
3021 2 months ago [buffer.reqmts.constbuffersequence] new [networking.ts] Relax pointer equivalence requirement for ConstBufferSequence
2751 2 months ago [util.smartptr.shared.dest] new shared_ptr deleter not specified to observe expired weak_ptr instances
3023 2 months ago [func.memfn][func.not_fn][func.bind] new Clarify unspecified call wrappers
3022 2 months ago [meta.rel] new is_convertible<derived*, base*> may lead to ODR
3019 2 months ago [syserr.errcat.derived] new Presentation of "program defined classes derived from error_category" [syserr.errcat.derived] unclear and contains mistakes
3018 3 months ago [util.smartptr.shared] new shared_ptr of function type
3016 3 months ago [optional.optional] new optional and over-aligned types
3015 3 months ago [fs.op.copy] new copy_options::unspecified underspecified
3014 3 months ago [fs.op.copy_file][fs.op.create_directories][fs.op.remove_all] new More noexcept issues with filesystem operations
3012 3 months ago [atomics.types.generic] new atomic<T> is unimplementable for non-is_trivially_copy_constructible T
3011 4 months ago [assertions] new Requirements for assert(E) inconsistent with C
3008 4 months ago [util.smartptr.shared.create] new make_shared (sub)object destruction semantics are not specified
2713 4 months ago [unord] new More missing allocator-extended constructors for unordered containers
3003 5 months ago [futures.promise] new <future> still has type-erased allocators in promise
2989 5 months ago [] new path's stream insertion operator lets you insert everything under the sun
2881 5 months ago [variant.variant] new Adopt section III of P0308R0
2892 5 months ago [constexpr.functions] new Relax the prohibition on libraries adding constexpr
2906 5 months ago [util.smartptr.shared.const] new There is no ability to supply an allocator for the control block when constructing a shared_ptr from a unique_ptr
2923 5 months ago [cmath.syn] new noexcept is inconsistently applied across headers which import components of the C standard library
2943 5 months ago [filebuf.members] new Problematic specification of the wide version of basic_filebuf::open
2946 5 months ago [string.cons][string.append][string.assign] [string.ops] new LWG 2758's resolution missed further corrections
2947 5 months ago [fs.enum.path.format][fs.class.directory_iterator] [fs.op.copy] new Clarify several filesystem terms
2949 5 months ago [library] new Unclear complexity requirements: space vs. time
2951 5 months ago [iterator.traits] new iterator_traits should SFINAE for void* and function pointers
2957 5 months ago [func.bind.bind] new bind's specification doesn't apply the cv-qualification of the call wrapper to the callable object
2958 5 months ago [pairs.pair][tuple.assign] new Moves improperly defined as deleted
2959 5 months ago [char.traits.specializations.char16_t] new char_traits<char16_t>::eof is a valid UTF-16 code unit
2997 5 months ago [list.ops][forwardlist.ops] new LWG 491 and the specification of {forward_,}list::unique
2990 5 months ago [optional.optional] new optional::value_type is not always a value type
2994 5 months ago [char.traits][string.require][string.view.template] new Needless UB for basic_string and basic_string_view
2995 5 months ago [stringbuf.cons] new basic_stringbuf default constructor forbids it from using SSO capacity
2986 5 months ago [re.grammar] new Handling of multi-character collating elements by the regex FSM is underspecified
2987 5 months ago [re.grammar] new Relationship between traits_inst.lookup_collatename and the regex FSM is underspecified with regards to ClassAtomCollatingElement
2962 5 months ago [input.iterators] new Iterators of Containers of move-only types do not model InputIterator
2963 5 months ago [algorithms][numerics] new Algorithms with underspecified iterator requirements
2969 5 months ago [mem.poly.allocator.mem] new polymorphic_allocator::construct() shouldn't pass resource()
2970 5 months ago [variant.visit] new Return type of std::visit misspecified
2703 5 months ago [facet.num.put.virtuals] new No provision for fill-padding when boolalpha is set
2983 5 months ago [] new money_put::do_put underspecified
2984 5 months ago [ext.manip] new put_money(99) is unnecessarily undefined
2960 7 months ago [meta] new [fund.ts.v2] nonesuch is insufficiently useless
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