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3458 5 days ago [futures.unique.future][futures.shared.future] new Is shared_future intended to work with arrays or function types?
3457 7 days ago [string.view.template] new *this is not invalidated
3456 7 days ago [charconv.from.chars] new Pattern used by std::from_chars is underspecified
3452 7 days ago [range.view] new Are views really supposed to have strict 𝒪(1) destruction?
3453 7 days ago [range.iter.op.advance][iterator.concept.sentinel] new Generic code cannot call ranges::advance(i, s)
3454 1 week ago [pointer.traits] new pointer_traits::pointer_to should be constexpr
3449 2 weeks ago [range.take.sentinel][range.take.while.sentinel] new take_view and take_while_view's sentinel<false> not comparable with their const iterator
2811 2 weeks ago [optional.ctor][optional.assign][variant.ctor][any.cons][any.modifiers] new "Selected constructor" wording is incorrect for optional/variant/any
3451 2 weeks ago [basic.string][range.join.view] new Inconsistently explicit deduction guides
3193 3 weeks ago [structure.specifications] new Mandates: and Expects: elements are not defined for types
3406 3 weeks ago [range.elements.view] new elements_view::begin() and elements_view::end() have incompatible constraints
3450 3 weeks ago [range.take.while.view] new The const overloads of take_while_view::begin/end are underconstrained
3448 1 month ago [range.transform.sentinel][range.join.sentinel] new transform_view's sentinel<false> not comparable with iterator<true>
3447 1 month ago [range.take.view] new Deduction guides for take_view and drop_view have different constraints
3446 1 month ago [readable.traits] new indirectly_readable_traits ambiguity for types with both value_type and element_type
3445 1 month ago [socket.iostream.cons][socket.iostream.members] new [networking.ts] net::basic_socket_istream::connect should be constrained
3443 1 month ago [socket.iostream.cons] new [networking.ts] net::basic_socket_iostream should use addressof
3444 1 month ago [socket.streambuf.members] new [networking.ts] net::basic_socket_streambuf::connect(Args&&...) effects are wrong
2819 1 month ago [thread.req.lockable][thread.mutex.requirements] new Unspecified Return type: elements
3433 1 month ago [range.subrange.access] new subrange::advance(n) has UB when n < 0
2746 1 month ago [optional.assign][variant.mod][any.modifiers] new Inconsistency between requirements for emplace between optional and variant
3442 1 month ago [namespace.std] new Unsatisfiable suggested implementation of customization points
3441 1 month ago [namespace.std] new Misleading note about calls to customization points
3436 1 month ago [specialized.construct] new std::construct_at should support arrays
3438 1 month ago [container.node.overview] new §[container.node.overview] missing multiset/map cases
3439 1 month ago [iterator.operations][alg.random.sample] new "Distance" template parameter is underspecified
3430 1 month ago [fstream.syn] new std::fstream & co. should be constructible from string_view
3028 2 months ago [container.requirements.general] new Container requirements tables should distinguish const and non-const variables
3166 2 months ago [pair.astuple][variant.helper][array.tuple] [pointer.traits.types][allocator.traits.types][allocator.adaptor.types] new No such descriptive element as Value:
3123 2 months ago [time.duration] new duration constructor from representation shouldn't be effectively non-throwing
3192 2 months ago [] new §[] functions misbehave for const types
3204 2 months ago [re.submatch] new sub_match::swap only swaps the base class
3205 2 months ago [meta.trans.other] new decay_t in the new common_type fallback should be remove_cvref_t
3435 2 months ago [move.iter.cons][reverse.iter.cons] new three_way_comparable_with<reverse_iterator<int*>, reverse_iterator<const int*>>
3434 2 months ago [ios.base.cons] new ios_base never reclaims memory for iarray and parray
2705 2 months ago [sequence.reqmts] new Questionable precondition on Sequence containers a.assign(n, t)
3431 2 months ago [container.requirements.general] new <=> for containers should require three_way_comparable<T> instead of <=>
3429 2 months ago [res.on.requirements] new "models" should subsume like "satisfies"
3418 2 months ago [atomics.nonmembers] new Deprecated free functions in <atomic>
3432 2 months ago [string.view.comparison] new Missing requirement for comparison_category
3424 2 months ago [optional.observe] new optional::value_or should never return a cv-qualified type
3423 2 months ago [any.nonmembers] new std::any_cast should never return a cv-qualified type
3422 2 months ago [rand.util.seedseq] new Issues of seed_seq's constructors
2431 2 months ago [re.req] new Missing regular expression traits requirements
3411 2 months ago [memory.resource.syn] new [fund.ts.v3] Contradictory namespace rules in the Library Fundamentals TS
3162 2 months ago [syserr.syserr.members] new system_error::system_error(error_code ec) not explicit
3234 2 months ago [cmath.syn] new Sufficient Additional Special Math Overloads
3240 2 months ago [using.headers] new Headers declare more than entities
3416 3 months ago [any.class] new The Throws: specification of std::any does not mention allocation
3409 3 months ago [atomics.ref.ops] new Too lax description of atomic_ref<T>::required_alignment

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