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3529 3 days ago [priority.queue] new priority_queue(first, last) should construct c with (first, last)
3528 4 days ago [tuple.apply] new make_from_tuple can perform (the equivalent of) a C-style cast
3527 4 days ago [] new uses_allocator_construction_args handles rvalue pairs of rvalue references incorrectly
3525 4 days ago [] new uses_allocator_construction_args fails to handle types convertible to pair
3526 5 days ago [] new Return types of uses_allocator_construction_args unspecified
3506 6 days ago [priority.queue] ready Missing allocator-extended constructors for priority_queue
3522 6 days ago [priority.queue] ready Missing requirement on InputIterator template parameter for priority_queue constructors
3452 7 days ago [range.view] lewg Are views really supposed to have strict 𝒪(1) destruction?
3521 1 week ago [alg.c.library] new Overly strict requirements on qsort and bsearch
3480 1 week ago [][fs.class.rec.dir.itr] new directory_iterator and recursive_directory_iterator are not C++20 ranges
2997 1 week ago [list.ops][forwardlist.ops] new LWG 491 and the specification of {forward_,}list::unique
3524 1 week ago [range.adaptors] new Unimplementable narrowing and evaluation order requirements for range adaptors
3523 2 weeks ago [range.iota.view] new iota_view::sentinel is not always iota_view's sentinel
3520 3 weeks ago [range.transform.iterator] new iter_move and iter_swap are inconsistent for transform_view::iterator
3519 3 weeks ago [rand.eng][rand.adapt][rand.dist] new Incomplete synopses for <random> classes
3518 1 month ago [char.traits.require] new Exception requirements on char trait operations unclear
3517 1 month ago [range.join.iterator] new join_view::iterator's iter_swap is underconstrained
3516 1 month ago [] new thread::id spaceship may be inconsistent with equality
3515 1 month ago [stacktrace.syn][stacktrace.basic.nonmem] new §[stacktrace.basic.nonmem]: operator<< should be less templatized
3512 1 month ago [unord.hash] new Incorrect exception safety guarantee for unordered containers
3513 1 month ago [defns.prog.def.type] new Fix definition of program-defined based on its uses
3436 1 month ago [specialized.construct] new std::construct_at should support arrays
3514 1 month ago [stacktrace.syn] new stacktrace should add type alias pmr::stacktrace
3491 1 month ago [cmp.alg][range.all.general][cmp.alg] new What is a "decayed type"?
3493 1 month ago [func.wrap.func.con] new The constructor of std::function taking an F is missing a constraint
3507 1 month ago [stacktrace.entry.query] new P0881R7 ("stacktrace") does not define "actual file name", "actual line number"
3509 1 month ago [range.adaptor.object] new Range adaptor objects are underspecified
3510 1 month ago [customization.point.object] new Customization point objects should be invocable as non-const too
3511 1 month ago [res.on.arguments] new Clarify global permission to move
2833 2 months ago [variant.ctor] open Library needs to specify what it means when it declares a function constexpr
3508 2 months ago [atomics.ref.generic.general] new atomic_ref<cv T> is not well-specified
3503 3 months ago [time.duration.cast] new chrono::ceil has surprising requirement
3504 3 months ago [thread.condition.condvar] new condition_variable::wait_for is overspecified
2713 3 months ago [unord] new More missing allocator-extended constructors for unordered containers
2818 3 months ago [contents] open "::std::" everywhere rule needs tweaking
3499 3 months ago [thread.req.lockable.timed][thread.timedmutex.requirements] new Timed lockable and mutex requirements are imprecise about duration and time_point
3498 3 months ago [syncstream.syncbuf.overview][syncstream.syncbuf.assign] new Inconsistent noexcept-specifiers for basic_syncbuf
3497 3 months ago [syncstream.syncbuf.members] new Postconditions for basic_syncbuf::emit()
3496 3 months ago [syncstream.syncbuf.members] new What does "uniquely associated" mean for basic_syncbuf::emit()?
3501 3 months ago [ostream.manip] new basic_syncbuf-related manipulators refer to some Allocator without defining it
2774 4 months ago [func.wrap.func.con] new std::function construction vs assignment
3489 4 months ago [range.istream.iterator] new Improve istream_view wording
3488 5 months ago [array.special] open Is array<const int, 0> swappable or not?
2146 5 months ago [utility.arg.requirements] open Are reference types Copy/Move-Constructible/Assignable or Destructible?
3441 5 months ago [namespace.std] open Misleading note about calls to customization points
3442 5 months ago [namespace.std] open Unsatisfiable suggested implementation of customization points
3487 5 months ago [numeric.ops] new Missing precondition on input and output aliasing of [numeric.ops]
3486 5 months ago [meta.unary.prop] lewg is_constructible<T[], T...> may be misleading in C++20
3484 5 months ago [depr.c.headers.other] new Should <stddef.h> declare ::nullptr_t?
3485 5 months ago [atomics.ref.generic] open atomic_ref safety should be based on operations that "potentially conflict" rather than lifetime

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