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3077 3 months ago [vector.modifiers] new (push|emplace)_back should invalidate the end iterator
3078 3 months ago [fs.class.directory_entry][fs.class.directory_iterator] [fs.class.rec.dir.itr] new directory_entry, directory_iterator and recursive_directory_iterator perform needless path copies
3065 3 months ago [fs.path.nonmember] new LWG 2989 missed that all path's other operators should be hidden friends as well
3076 3 months ago [string.cons] new basic_string CTAD ambiguity
3073 3 months ago [] new [networking.ts] (async_)read and (async_)write don't support DynamicBuffer lvalues
3070 3 months ago [fs.path.gen] new path::lexically_relative causes surprising results if a filename can also be a root-name
3072 3 months ago [buffer.reqmts.dynamicbuffer][] [buffer.async.write][] new [networking.ts] DynamicBuffer object lifetimes underspecified
3064 3 months ago [specialized.algorithms] new How do uninitialized memory algorithms obtain pointer without undefined behavior?
3063 3 months ago [specialized.algorithms] new Parallel algorithms in <memory> are underspecified
3069 3 months ago [variant.assign] new Move assigning variant's subobject corrupts data
3068 3 months ago [string.view.template] new Forbid assigning an rvalue basic_string to basic_string_view
3031 3 months ago [alg.sorting] new Algorithms and predicates with non-const reference arguments
3066 4 months ago [sf.cmath] new "report a domain error" in [sf.cmath]/1 is underspecified
3059 4 months ago [container.requirements] new Wrong requirements for map-like associative container assignment?
3058 4 months ago [adjacent.difference] new Parallel adjacent_difference shouldn't require creating temporaries
3061 4 months ago [alg.3way] new What is the return type of compare_3way?
3054 4 months ago [uninitialized.copy] new uninitialized_copy appears to not be able to meet its exception-safety guarantee
3060 4 months ago [exclusive.scan][inclusive.scan] [transform.exclusive.scan][transform.inclusive.scan] new XXX_scan algorithms are specified to work with move-only T, but are specified to make N copies of T into the destination range
3057 4 months ago [fs.op.copy] new Correct copy_options handling
3037 4 months ago [mem.poly.allocator.class] new polymorphic_allocator and incomplete types
3044 4 months ago [allocator.requirements] new Strange specification of max_size() for an allocator
3046 4 months ago [refwrap] new Do not require reference_wrapper to support non-referenceable function types
3047 4 months ago [][atomics.types.pointer][atomics.types.memop] new atomic compound assignment operators can cause undefined behavior when corresponding fetch_meow members don't
3049 4 months ago [algorithms.requirements] new Missing wording allowing algorithms to use copies of function objects as substitutes for their parameters
3056 4 months ago [fs.op.copy_file] new copy_file() copies which attributes?
3050 4 months ago [time.duration.cons][time.duration.nonmember] new Conversion specification problem in chrono::duration constructor
3055 4 months ago [fs.path.concat] new path::operator+=(single-character) misspecified
3053 4 months ago [syserr.errcode.overview] new Prohibit error_code construction from rvalues of error_category
3052 4 months ago [variant.visit] new visit is underconstrained
2220 5 months ago [re.tokiter.comp] new Under-specification of operator== for regex_token_iterator
2352 5 months ago [rand.util.seedseq] new Is a default-constructed std::seed_seq intended to produce a predictable .generate()?
2776 5 months ago [util.smartptr.shared.obs] new shared_ptr unique() and use_count()
2947 5 months ago [fs.enum.path.format][fs.class.directory_iterator] [fs.op.copy] new Clarify several filesystem terms
2714 6 months ago [complex.ops] new complex stream extraction underspecified
3036 6 months ago [mem.poly.allocator.class] new polymorphic_allocator::destroy is extraneous
3038 6 months ago [mem.poly.allocator.mem] new polymorphic_allocator::allocate should not allow integer overflow to create vulnerabilities
2960 7 months ago [meta] new [fund.ts.v2] nonesuch is insufficiently useless
2836 7 months ago [basic.string][string.find][string.rfind] [string.find.first.of][string.find.last.of][string.find.first.not.of] [string.find.last.not.of][] new More string operations should be noexcept
2938 7 months ago [string.view.template] new basic_string_view::const_iterator should be literal types
3023 7 months ago [func.memfn][func.not_fn][func.bind] new Clarify unspecified call wrappers
3006 7 months ago [stringbuf.cons] new Constructing a basic_stringbuf from a string — where does the allocator come from?
3008 7 months ago [util.smartptr.shared.create] new make_shared (sub)object destruction semantics are not specified
3016 7 months ago [optional.optional] new optional and over-aligned types
3018 7 months ago [util.smartptr.shared] new shared_ptr of function type
3019 7 months ago [syserr.errcat.derived] new Presentation of "program defined classes derived from error_category" [syserr.errcat.derived] unclear and contains mistakes
3022 7 months ago [meta.rel] new is_convertible<derived*, base*> may lead to ODR
3025 7 months ago [map.overview][multimap.overview] [][unord.multimap.overview] new Map-like container deduction guides should use pair<Key, T>, not pair<const Key, T>
3027 7 months ago [buffer.reqmts.dynamicbuffer] new [networking.ts] DynamicBuffer prepare exception specification
3028 7 months ago [container.requirements.general] new Container requirements tables should distinguish const and non-const variables
3032 7 months ago [alg.heap.operations] new ValueSwappable requirement missing for push_heap and make_heap
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