ID Activity Section Status Title
4055 5 days ago [iterator.operations] new §[iterator.operations] std::distance is missing a precondition
4000 1 week ago [] new flat_map::insert_range's Effects is not quite right
3998 1 week ago [re.const] new Constants in std::regex_constants should be allowed to be enumerators
3977 1 week ago [bitmask.types] new constexpr and noexcept for operators for bitmask types
3979 1 week ago [func.not.fn][func.bind.partial] new Should we reject std::bind_front<42>() and its friends?
3968 1 week ago [bit.endian] new std::endian::native value should be more specific about object representations
3954 1 week ago [support.c.headers.general] new Feature-test macros in C headers (<stddef.h> etc.)
4042 1 week ago [] new std::print should permit an efficient implementation
4054 1 week ago [range.repeat.overview] new Repeating a repeat_view should repeat the view
4053 2 weeks ago [range.repeat.view] new Unary call to std::views::repeat does not decay the argument
4052 3 weeks ago [rand.dist.samp.pconst] [rand.dist.samp.plinear] new Bogus requirements for piecewise_linear_distribution
4051 3 weeks ago [cmp.categories] new A less hacky and more useful way to compare comparison category types
4050 1 month ago [range.take.overview][range.take.overview] new Should views::iota(0) | views::take(5) be views::iota(0, 5)?
4049 1 month ago [organization] new C <foo.h> headers not in freestanding
4048 1 month ago [flat.set][] new Inconsistent preconditions for transparent insertion of std::flat_map/std::flat_set
4047 1 month ago [namespace.std] new Explicitly specifying template arguments for std::swap should not be supported
4045 1 month ago [tuple.cnstr] new tuple can create dangling references from tuple-like
4044 1 month ago [] new Confusing requirements for std::print on POSIX platforms
4043 1 month ago [text.encoding.general] new "ASCII" is not a registered character encoding
4046 1 month ago [associative.reqmts.except][][flat.multimap.overview] [flat.set.overview][flat.multiset.overview] new Effects of inserting into or erasing from flat container adaptors when an exception is thrown need to be more permissive
4041 1 month ago [concept.swappable] new The requirements on literal type in [concept.swappable] should be removed
4039 1 month ago [ostream.formatted.print] new §[ostream.formatted.print]: Inappropriate usage of badbit in definition of vprint_unicode/vprint_nonunicode
4040 1 month ago [tuple.helper] new Contradictory specification of std::tuple_size
4038 1 month ago [text.encoding.aliases] new std::text_encoding::aliases_view should have constexpr iterators
4037 1 month ago [category.ctype.general] new Static data members of ctype_base are not yet required to be usable in constant expressions
4036 1 month ago [depr.c.macros] new __alignof_is_defined is only implicitly specified in C++ and not yet deprecated
4035 1 month ago [range.single.view] new single_view should provide empty
4034 1 month ago [alg.min.max] new Clarify specification of std::min and std::max
4033 1 month ago [macro.names] new §[macro.names] defining macros after importing the standard library
4032 1 month ago [util.smartptr.shared.const] new Possibly invalid types in the constraints of constructors of std::shared_ptr
4031 1 month ago [expected.bad.void] new bad_expected_access<void> member functions should be noexcept
4014 1 month ago [rand.eng.sub] new LWG 3809 changes behavior of some existing std::subtract_with_carry_engine code
4030 2 months ago [numeric.sat.func] new Clarify whether arithmetic expressions in [numeric.sat.func] are mathematical or C++
4029 2 months ago [basic.string.general] new basic_string accidentally fails to meet the reversible container requirements
3400 2 months ago [meta.rel] new Does is_nothrow_convertible consider destruction of the destination type?
4028 2 months ago [meta.rel] new std::is_(nothrow_)convertible should be reworded to avoid dependence on the return statement
4027 2 months ago [ranges.syn] new possibly-const-range should prefer returning const R&
4026 2 months ago [expected.object.assign][expected.void.assign] new Assignment operators of std::expected should propagate triviality
4025 2 months ago [expected.void.assign] new Move assignment operator of std::expected<cv void, E> should not be conditionally deleted
4024 2 months ago [util.smartptr.shared.create] new Underspecified destruction of objects created in std::make_shared_for_overwrite/std::allocate_shared_for_overwrite
4023 2 months ago [streambuf.protected] new Preconditions of std::basic_streambuf::setg/setp
4022 2 months ago [time.format] new Ambiguity in the formatting of negative years with format specifier %C
4021 2 months ago [mdspan.mdspan.overview] new mdspan::is_always_meow() should be noexcept
4020 3 months ago [mdspan.extents.expo] new extents::index-cast weirdness
4015 3 months ago [optional.monadic] new LWG 3973 broke const overloads of std::optional monadic operations
4016 3 months ago [range.utility.conv] new container-insertable checks do not match what container-inserter does
4018 3 months ago [] new ranges::to's copy branch is underconstrained
4017 3 months ago [range.split.iterator][range.lazy.split.outer] new Behavior of std::views::split on an empty range
4019 3 months ago [range.reverse] new Reversing an infinite range leads to an infinite loop
4013 3 months ago [range.lazy.split.outer.value] new lazy_split_view::outer-iterator::value_type should not provide default constructor

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