ID Activity Section Status Title
3445 yesterday [socket.iostream.cons][socket.iostream.members] lewg [networking.ts] net::basic_socket_istream::connect should be constrained
3544 yesterday [] new format-arg-store::args is unintentionally not exposition-only
3545 yesterday [pointer.traits] new std::pointer_traits should be SFINAE-friendly
3542 yesterday [format.arg] ready basic_format_arg mis-handles basic_string_view with custom traits
3543 yesterday [counted.iterator] ready Definition of when counted_iterators refer to the same sequence isn't quite right
3546 yesterday [common.iter.nav] ready common_iterator's postfix-proxy is not quite right
3549 yesterday [view.interface][range.view] new view_interface is overspecified to derive from view_base
3548 2 days ago [util.smartptr.shared.const] new shared_ptr construction from unique_ptr should move (not copy) the deleter
3547 1 week ago [time.format] new Time formatters should not be locale sensitive by default
3531 2 weeks ago [map.overview][multimap.overview] [][unord.multimap.overview] new LWG 3025 broke previous valid code
3534 2 weeks ago [set.intersection][set.difference] lewg ranges::set_intersection and ranges::set_difference algorithm requirements are too strict
3535 2 weeks ago [range.join.iterator] new join_view::iterator::iterator_category and ::iterator_concept lie
3537 2 weeks ago [iterator.range] new §[iterator.range] Missing noexcept for std::rbegin/rend for arrays and initializer_list
3538 2 weeks ago [library.c] new §[library.c] C library functions are not addressable
3536 2 weeks ago [] ready Should chrono::from_stream() assign zero to duration for failure?
3532 2 weeks ago [range.split.inner] ready split_view<V, P>::inner-iterator<true>::operator++(int) should depend on Base
3533 2 weeks ago [range.filter.iterator][range.transform.iterator][range.elements.iterator] ready Make base() const & consistent across iterator wrappers that supports input_iterators
3540 2 weeks ago [format.arg] ready §[format.arg] There should be no const in basic_format_arg(const T* p)
3539 2 weeks ago [format.functions] ready format_to must not copy models of output_iterator<const charT&>
3541 2 weeks ago [readable.traits] ready indirectly_readable_traits should be SFINAE-friendly for all types
3519 3 weeks ago [rand.eng][rand.adapt][rand.dist] ready Incomplete synopses for <random> classes
3520 3 weeks ago [range.transform.iterator] ready iter_move and iter_swap are inconsistent for transform_view::iterator
2491 1 month ago [comparisons] new std::less<T*> in constant expression
2157 1 month ago [] open How does std::array<T,0> initialization work when T is not default-constructible?
3530 1 month ago [comparisons.three.way][range.cmp] ready BUILTIN-PTR-MEOW should not opt the type out of syntactic checks
3529 1 month ago [priority.queue] ready priority_queue(first, last) should construct c with (first, last)
3528 1 month ago [tuple.apply] ready make_from_tuple can perform (the equivalent of) a C-style cast
3527 1 month ago [] ready uses_allocator_construction_args handles rvalue pairs of rvalue references incorrectly
3523 1 month ago [range.iota.view] ready iota_view::sentinel is not always iota_view's sentinel
3521 1 month ago [alg.c.library] ready Overly strict requirements on qsort and bsearch
3518 1 month ago [char.traits.require] ready Exception requirements on char trait operations unclear
3517 1 month ago [range.join.iterator] ready join_view::iterator's iter_swap is underconstrained
3516 1 month ago [] new thread::id spaceship may be inconsistent with equality
3524 1 month ago [range.adaptors] new Unimplementable narrowing and evaluation order requirements for range adaptors
3525 1 month ago [] new uses_allocator_construction_args fails to handle types convertible to pair
3526 1 month ago [] new Return types of uses_allocator_construction_args unspecified
3515 1 month ago [stacktrace.syn][stacktrace.basic.nonmem] lewg §[stacktrace.basic.nonmem]: operator<< should be less templatized
3514 1 month ago [stacktrace.syn] lewg stacktrace should add type alias pmr::stacktrace
3506 2 months ago [priority.queue] ready Missing allocator-extended constructors for priority_queue
3522 2 months ago [priority.queue] ready Missing requirement on InputIterator template parameter for priority_queue constructors
3452 2 months ago [range.view] lewg Are views really supposed to have strict 𝒪(1) destruction?
3480 2 months ago [][fs.class.rec.dir.itr] new directory_iterator and recursive_directory_iterator are not C++20 ranges
2997 2 months ago [list.ops][forwardlist.ops] new LWG 491 and the specification of {forward_,}list::unique
3512 3 months ago [unord.hash] new Incorrect exception safety guarantee for unordered containers
3513 3 months ago [defns.prog.def.type] new Fix definition of program-defined based on its uses
3436 3 months ago [specialized.construct] new std::construct_at should support arrays
3491 3 months ago [cmp.alg][range.all.general][cmp.alg] new What is a "decayed type"?
3493 3 months ago [func.wrap.func.con] new The constructor of std::function taking an F is missing a constraint
3507 3 months ago [stacktrace.entry.query] new P0881R7 ("stacktrace") does not define "actual file name", "actual line number"
3509 3 months ago [range.adaptor.object] new Range adaptor objects are underspecified

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