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4118 1 week ago [time.format] new How should `duration` formatters format custom `rep` types?
4117 1 week ago [coro.generator.iterator] new generator::iterator should provide iterator_concept
4116 1 week ago [range.enumerate.iterator][range.cartesian.iterator] new enumerate_view::iterator and cartesian_product_view::iterator should not always provide iterator_category
4115 1 week ago [move.iter.elem] new move_iterator::operator* should have conditional noexcept specification
4114 1 week ago [range.elements.iterator] new elements_view::iterator::operator* missing conditional noexcept specification
3900 2 weeks ago [coro.generator.promise] ready The allocator_arg_t overloads of generator::promise_type::operator new should not be constrained
3899 2 weeks ago [coro.generator.promise] ready co_yielding elements of an lvalue generator is unnecessarily inefficient
4064 2 weeks ago [cstring.syn] ready Clarify that std::launder is not needed when using the result of std::memcpy
3868 2 weeks ago [alg.replace][alg.fill] lewg Constrained algorithms should not require output_iterator
4019 2 weeks ago [range.reverse] open Reversing an infinite range leads to an infinite loop
4027 2 weeks ago [ranges.syn] ready possibly-const-range should prefer returning const R&
3508 2 weeks ago [atomics.ref.generic.general] open atomic_ref<cv T> is not well-specified
4069 2 weeks ago [atomics.types.generic] open std::atomic<volatile T> should be ill-formed
3918 3 weeks ago [uninitialized.move] ready std::uninitialized_move/_n and guaranteed copy elision
4113 3 weeks ago [meta.unary.prop] new Disallow has_unique_object_representations<Incomplete[]>
4015 3 weeks ago [optional.monadic] open LWG 3973 broke const overloads of std::optional monadic operations
4044 3 weeks ago [] ready Confusing requirements for std::print on POSIX platforms
3436 3 weeks ago [specialized.construct] ready std::construct_at should support arrays
4017 3 weeks ago [range.split.iterator][range.lazy.split.outer] new Behavior of std::views::split on an empty range
4112 3 weeks ago [range.utility.helpers] ready has-arrow should required operator->() to be const-qualified
4111 3 weeks ago [][alg.sorting.general] new LWG 270 and ranges version of binary search algorithms
2833 3 weeks ago [variant.ctor] open Library needs to specify what it means when it declares a function constexpr
4057 3 weeks ago [coro.generator.iterator] new generator::iterator's operator* is not noexcept when it can be
4067 3 weeks ago [] new Inconsistency and potential infinity meta-recursion in std::chrono::zoned_time's constructors
4005 3 weeks ago [defns.required.behavior][structure.specifications][res.on.functions] new "Required behavior" too narrowly defined
4059 3 weeks ago [range.join.with.iterator] new Leaky abstraction in join_with_view's iterator
4072 3 weeks ago [optional.comp.with.t] new `std::optional` comparisons: constrain harder
4073 3 weeks ago [range.concat.view] new `concat_view::size` may overflow
4075 3 weeks ago [utility.requirements] open Thread stability requirement on constructors and destructors
4080 3 weeks ago [iterator.assoc.types] new Presumed value and difference types of an iterator type in ranges and non-ranges algorithms
4089 3 weeks ago [range.concat.iterator] new concat_view::iterator's iter_swap is overconstrained
4091 3 weeks ago [range.concat.view] new concat_view rejects non-movable references
4092 3 weeks ago [common.iterator][common.iter.cmp] new The monotonic version of common_iterator::operator== is underconstrained
4093 3 weeks ago [alg.fold] new ranges::fold_left_first_with_iter incorrectly constructs optional<U>
4094 3 weeks ago [alg.fold] new ranges::fold_meow is overconstrained
4097 3 weeks ago [range.reverse.overview] lewg views::reverse should be specialized for some view types
4099 3 weeks ago [][range.common.overview] new The simple case of views::as_rvalue and views::common are not strictly correct
4103 3 weeks ago [alg.unique] new ranges::unique_copy's constraints for the case where result is an input_iterator are not quite right
4104 3 weeks ago [const.iterators] new basic_const_iterator<volatile int*> is not a contiguous_iterator
3725 1 month ago [reverse.iter.elem] new reverse_iterator::operator-> should not use prev for non-pointer iterators
3504 1 month ago [thread.condition.condvar] new condition_variable::wait_for is overspecified
3197 1 month ago [iterator.operations] new std::prev should not require BidirectionalIterator
4110 1 month ago [util.smartptr.shared.const] new `shared_ptr(nullptr_t, Deleter)` is overconstrained, breaking some sensible deleters
4109 1 month ago [rand.req.genl] new Instantiating templates in §[rand] with int8_t/uint8_t is undefined behavior
4108 1 month ago [range.lazy.split.view][range.split.view] new lazy_split_view should be sized_range when pattern is empty tiny-range
4107 2 months ago [format.range.fmtmap] new Map formatter may conflict with user-defined specializations of pair/tuple formatters
4004 2 months ago [atomics.order] open The load and store operation in §[atomics.order] p1 is ambiguous
4101 2 months ago [ostream.inserters.arithmetic] new LWG 117 loses the sign for negative NaN on some architectures
4102 2 months ago [string.view.cons] new `string_view(Iter, Iter)` constructor breaks existing code
4085 2 months ago [alg.rand.generate] new ranges::generate_random's helper lambda should specify the return type

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