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3643 6 days ago [counted.iter.nav] new Missing constexpr in std::counted_iterator
3642 7 days ago [func.wrap.move.ctor] new move_only_function assignment operators seem to be defined suboptimal
3411 7 days ago [memory.resource.syn] new [fund.ts.v3] Contradictory namespace rules in the Library Fundamentals TS
3635 7 days ago [version.syn] new Add __cpp_lib_deduction_guides to feature test macros
3545 1 week ago [pointer.traits] lewg std::pointer_traits should be SFINAE-friendly
3641 1 week ago [format.syn] new Add operator== to format_to_n_result
3640 1 week ago [utility.requirements] new Clarify which exceptions are propagated
3639 1 week ago [format.string.std] new Handling of fill character width is underspecified in std::format
3638 1 week ago [vector.bool] new vector<bool>::swap(reference, reference) is useless
3636 1 week ago [formatter.requirements] new formatter<T>::format should be const-qualified
3637 2 weeks ago [mem.res.class] new pmr::memory_resource::do_allocate needs clarification
3634 2 weeks ago [][syserr.errcat.objects] new When are static-duration memory_resource objects destroyed?
3633 3 weeks ago [atomics] new Atomics are copy constructible and copy assignable from volatile atomics
3632 3 weeks ago [unique.ptr.single.ctor] new unique_ptr "Mandates: This constructor is not selected by class template argument deduction"
3631 3 weeks ago [format.arg] new basic_format_arg(T&&) should use remove_cvref_t<T> throughout
3378 3 weeks ago [tuple.syn][tuple.helper] new tuple_size_v/tuple_element_t should be available when tuple_size/tuple_element are
3629 3 weeks ago [syserr] new make_error_code and make_error_condition are customization points
3630 3 weeks ago [re.regex.construct] new Inconsistent basic_regex construction and assignment from iterator range
3594 4 weeks ago [inout.ptr.t] new inout_ptr — inconsistent release() in destructor
3627 1 month ago [optional.specalg] new Inconsistent specifications for std::make_optional overloads
3626 1 month ago [stacktrace.basic.overview] new Is std::basic_stacktrace required to use contiguous storage?
3625 1 month ago [stacktrace.syn][iterator.range] new Should <stacktrace> provide range access function templates?
3624 1 month ago [support.rtti][support.initlist][cmp] new Inconsistency of <typeinfo>, <initializer_list>, and <compare> in the standard library
3623 1 month ago [reverse.iterators.general] new Uses of std::reverse_iterator with containers should not require manually including <iterator>
3622 1 month ago [unord.req.general] new Misspecified transitivity of equivalence in §[unord.req.general]
3621 1 month ago [version.syn] new Remove feature-test macro __cpp_lib_monadic_optional
3628 1 month ago [specialized.algorithms] new "Effects: Equivalent to:" and uninitialized memory algorithms
3619 1 month ago [format.functions] new Specification of vformat_to contains ill-formed formatted_size calls
3617 1 month ago [func.wrap.func.con][futures.task.members] new function/packaged_task deduction guides and deducing this
3618 1 month ago [range.transform.iterator] new Unnecessary iter_move for transform_view::iterator
3620 1 month ago [character.seq.general] new What are execution character sets and execution wide-character sets (after P2314R4)?
3597 1 month ago [range.iota.view] new Unsigned integer types don't model advanceable
3599 1 month ago [range.lazy.split.view] new The const overload of lazy_split_view::begin should be constrained by const Pattern
3600 1 month ago [istream.iterator.cons] new Making istream_iterator copy constructor trivial is an ABI break
3602 1 month ago [reverse.iter.cons][move.iter.cons] new reverse_iterator's converting assignment is overconstrained
3603 1 month ago [re.regex.construct][re.alg] new Matching of null characters by regular expressions is underspecified
3604 1 month ago [re.regex.construct][re.synopt] new What is the effect of an invalid value of type syntax_option_type?
3605 1 month ago [re.matchflag] new regex_constants::match_prev_avail is underspecified
3606 1 month ago [re.req] new Missing regex_traits::locale_type requirements
3608 1 month ago [concept.convertible] new convertible_to and temporary-bound references
3609 1 month ago [range.iota.sentinel] new std::ranges::iota_view<int, long> has non-subtractable iterator and sentinel types
3613 1 month ago [optional.nullopt] new Specify that nullopt_t is copyable
3614 1 month ago [range.iota.view] new iota_view::size and the most negative signed integer values
3598 1 month ago [syserr.errcat.objects] ready system_category().default_error_condition(0) is underspecified
3601 1 month ago [common.iter.nav] ready common_iterator's postfix-proxy needs indirectly_readable
3607 1 month ago [iterator.concept.contiguous] ready contiguous_iterator should not be allowed to have custom iter_move and iter_swap behavior
3610 1 month ago [range.iota.view] ready iota_view::size sometimes rejects integer-class types
3611 1 month ago [atomics.types.operations] open Should compare_exchange be allowed to modify the expected value on success?
3612 1 month ago [format.string.std] ready Inconsistent pointer alignment in std::format
3616 1 month ago [syncstream.syncbuf.special] ready LWG 3498 seems to miss the non-member swap for basic_syncbuf

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