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3751 yesterday [version.syn] new Missing feature macro for flat_set
3750 yesterday [version.syn] new Too many papers bump __cpp_lib_format
3749 yesterday [iterators.common] new common_iterator should handle integer-class difference types
3748 yesterday [common.iter.cmp][counted.iter.nav] new common_iterator and counted_iterator' operator- are missing cast to return type
3747 1 week ago [uninitialized.copy][uninitialized.move] [specialized.destroy] new ranges::uninitialized_copy_n, ranges::uninitialized_move_n, and ranges::destroy_n should use std::move
3746 1 week ago [optional.comp.with.t] new optional's spaceship with U with a type derived from optional causes infinite constraint meta-recursion
3745 1 week ago [atomics.syn] new std::atomic_wait and its friends lack noexcept
3744 2 weeks ago [fs.op.copy.symlink] new copy_symlink(junction, new_symlink)'s behavior is unclear
3743 2 weeks ago [] new ranges::to's reserve may be ill-formed
3454 2 weeks ago [pointer.traits] lewg pointer_traits::pointer_to should be constexpr
3730 3 weeks ago [range.drop.view] new std::ranges::drop_view may have different size type from its underlying view
3742 3 weeks ago [sequence.reqmts] new deque::prepend_range needs to permute
3741 3 weeks ago [time.duration.alg] new std::abs(duration) is ill-formed with non-reduced periods
3740 3 weeks ago [range.slide.view] new slide_view::size should preserve the signedness of underlying range's size
3739 3 weeks ago [range.chunk.view.input][range.chunk.view.fwd] new chunk_view::size should preserve the signedness of the size of the underlying range
3738 3 weeks ago [range.take.view] new Missing preconditions for take_view constructor
3737 3 weeks ago [range.take.sentinel] new take_view::sentinel should provide operator-
2713 3 weeks ago [unord] new More missing allocator-extended constructors for unordered containers
3736 3 weeks ago [iterator.synopsis] new move_iterator missing disable_sized_sentinel_for specialization
3735 3 weeks ago [range.adjacent.overview][range.adjacent.transform.overview] new views::adjacent<0> should be prohibited
3734 3 weeks ago [out.ptr.t] new Inconsistency in inout_ptr and out_ptr for empty case
3649 4 weeks ago [general.feature.test] open [fund.ts.v3] Reinstate and bump __cpp_lib_experimental_memory_resource feature test macro
3733 4 weeks ago [] new ranges::to misuses cpp17-input-iterator
3732 4 weeks ago [sequence.reqmts] new prepend_range and append_range can't be amortized constant time
3731 1 month ago [][range.adjacent.view] new zip_view and adjacent_view are underconstrained
3720 1 month ago [format.string.std] new Restrict the valid types of arg-id for width and precision in std-format-spec
3722 1 month ago [] new ranges::to reserves the wrong size
3723 1 month ago [priqueue.members] new priority_queue::push_range needs to append_range
3725 1 month ago [reverse.iter.elem] new reverse_iterator::operator-> should not use prev for non-pointer iterators
3728 1 month ago [tuple.rel] new Can't make neither head nor tail of the description of operator<=>(tuple, tuple)
3729 1 month ago [ranges.syn] new std::tuple_element_t<std::ranges::subrange<I, S, K>> should remove top-level cv-qualifiers
3716 1 month ago [iterator.concept.forward][forward.iterators] new §[iterator.concept.forward][forward.iterators] Two different definitions of multi-pass guarantee
3717 1 month ago [range.common.view] new common_view::end should improve random_access_range case
3718 1 month ago [format.arg] new P2418R2 broke the overload resolution for std::basic_format_arg
3727 1 month ago [reverse.iter.elem][common.iter.access] new reverse_iterator/common_iterator's operator-> should not require the underlying iterator's operator-> to be a const member function
3726 1 month ago [reverse.iter.elem] new reverse_iterator::operator-> is underconstrained for non-pointer iterators
3714 1 month ago [] lewg Non-single-argument constructors for range adaptors should not be explicit
3700 1 month ago [range.join.view][range.join.with.view] new The const begin of the join_view family does not require InnerRng to be a range
3706 1 month ago [format.formatter.spec] new How does std::format work with character arrays of unknown bound?
3681 2 months ago [mem.res.syn][memory.syn] new Further considerations on LWG 3679
3682 2 months ago [allocator.requirements.general] new A Cpp17Allocator type can't silently ignore an unsupported alignment
3684 2 months ago [allocator.members] new std::allocator<T>::allocate_at_least in constant evaluation
3685 2 months ago [range.lazy.split.view] new In lazy_split_view, CTAD doesn't work when given an input_range input and a tiny-range pattern
3686 2 months ago [range.lazy.split.outer][range.lazy.split.inner] new In lazy_split_view, comparing a default-constructed outer-iterator or inner-iterator with std::default_sentinel results in null pointer dereference
3688 2 months ago [expected.bad][expected.bad.void] [expected.object.obs][expected.void.obs] new Exception specifications of copy/move member functions of std::bad_expected_access
3689 2 months ago [facet.num.get.virtuals] new num_get overflow determination unclear and incorrect
3690 2 months ago [contents][tuple.apply] new std::make_from_tuple etc. should find all tuple-like std::get overloads
3691 2 months ago [associative.reqmts.general][unord.req.general] new Replacement of keys in associative containers
3693 2 months ago [c.math] new §[c.math] Can any of float/double/long double overloads be fused into template overloads?
3694 2 months ago [char.traits.require] new Should traits_type::length be customizable?

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