ID Activity Section Status Title
4015 4 days ago [optional.monadic] new LWG 3973 broke const overloads of std::optional monadic operations
4016 4 days ago [range.utility.conv] new container-insertable checks do not match what container-inserter does
4018 5 days ago [] new ranges::to's copy branch is underconstrained
4017 6 days ago [range.split.iterator][range.lazy.split.outer] new Behavior of std::views::split on an empty range
4019 6 days ago [range.reverse] new Reversing an infinite range leads to an infinite loop
4014 1 week ago [rand.eng.sub] new LWG 3809 changes behavior of some existing std::subtract_with_carry_engine code
4013 1 week ago [range.lazy.split.outer.value] new lazy_split_view::outer-iterator::value_type should not provide default constructor
4012 1 week ago [range.common.view] new common_view::begin/end are missing the simple-view check
4011 1 week ago [span.elem] new "Effects: Equivalent to return" in [span.elem]
4010 1 week ago [range.subrange.access] new subrange::advance should be improved
4009 1 week ago [range.drop.view] new drop_view::begin const may have 𝒪(n) complexity
4008 1 week ago [] new §[] ranges::to may cause infinite recursion if range_value_t<C> is a non-move-constructible range
3919 2 weeks ago [range.enumerate] ready enumerate_view may invoke UB for sized common non-forward underlying ranges
3950 2 weeks ago [string.view.synop] ready std::basic_string_view comparison operators are overspecified
3767 3 weeks ago [locale.category][locale.codecvt.general] ready codecvt<charN_t, char8_t, mbstate_t> incorrectly added to locale
3975 3 weeks ago [format.context] ready Specializations of basic_format_context should not be permitted
3984 3 weeks ago [] ready ranges::to's recursion branch may be ill-formed
3988 3 weeks ago [const.iterators][] ready Should as_const_view and basic_const_iterator provide base()?
4002 3 weeks ago [range.iota.iterator] new The definition of iota_view::iterator::iterator_concept should be improved
4007 3 weeks ago [func.require] new Mystic prohibition of calling a volatile-qualified perfect forwarding call wrapper
4006 3 weeks ago [range.chunk.outer.value] new chunk_view::outer-iterator::value_type should provide empty
4004 3 weeks ago [atomics.order] new The load and store operation in §[atomics.order] p1 is ambiguous
3960 3 weeks ago [time.parse] new How does chrono::parse handle duplicated data?
3961 3 weeks ago [time.parse] new Does chrono::parse check format strings?
3962 3 weeks ago [time.parse] new What is the "decimal precision of the input"?
3963 3 weeks ago [][flat.multimap.defn] new Different std::flat_map/std::flat_multimap specializations should be able to share same nested classes
3969 3 weeks ago [alg.fold] new std::ranges::fold_left_first_with_iter should be more ADL-proof
3972 3 weeks ago [range.join.with.iterator] new Issues with join_with_view::iterator's iter_swap
3978 3 weeks ago [tuple.creation] new The "no effect" requirement for std::ignore is unimplementable for volatile bit-fields
3983 3 weeks ago [range.utility.conv.adaptors] new ranges::to adaptors are underconstrained
3994 3 weeks ago [range.adaptor.object] new adaptor(args...)(r) is not equivalent to std::bind_back(adaptor, args...)(r)
3997 3 weeks ago [format.syn][time.syn][] new std::formatter specializations should be consistently restricted to supported character types
3999 3 weeks ago [atomics.order] new P0439R0 changed the value category of memory order constants
4005 4 weeks ago [defns.required.behavior][structure.specifications][res.on.functions] new "Required behavior" too narrowly defined
3986 1 month ago [const.iterators] new basic_const_iterator doesn't work with optional
3989 1 month ago [string.view][views.span] new The whole range for an iterator obtained from a std::span or std::basic_string_view is not clear
3993 1 month ago [formatter.requirements] new The parse function of a BasicFormatter type needs to be constexpr
3995 1 month ago [views.multidim] new Issue with custom index conversion in <mdspan>
3952 1 month ago [iterator.synopsis][const.iterators.alias][const.iterators.iterator] new iter_common_reference_t does not conform to the definition of indirectly_readable
3955 1 month ago [range.repeat.view][range.repeat.iterator] new Add noexcept to several repeat_view[::iterator] member functions
3956 1 month ago [time.parse] new chrono::parse uses from_stream as a customization point
3964 1 month ago [valarray.transcend] new std::atan2 and std::pow overloads that take two std::valarray parameters should require the arguments to have the same length
3966 1 month ago [][flat.multimap.overview] new The value_type and reference members of std::flat_(multi)map::(const_)iterator are unclear
3971 1 month ago [range.join.with.view] open Join ranges of rvalue references with ranges of prvalues
3985 1 month ago [][range.utility.conv.adaptors] new ranges::to should Mandates C not to be view
3991 1 month ago [variant.assign] new variant's move assignment should not be guaranteed to produce a valueless by exception state
4000 1 month ago [] new flat_map::insert_range's Effects is not quite right
3998 1 month ago [re.const] new Constants in std::regex_constants should be allowed to be enumerators
3992 1 month ago [stringbuf.members] new basic_stringbuf::str()&& should enforce 𝒪(1)
3979 2 months ago [func.not.fn][func.bind.partial] new Should we reject std::bind_front<42>() and its friends?

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