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3862 yesterday [iterator.synopsis] new basic_const_iterator's common_type specialization is underconstrained
3860 yesterday [ranges.syn] new range_common_reference_t is missing
3859 yesterday [projected] new std::projected cannot handle proxy iterator
3832 yesterday [range.elements.iterator] new Missing change for element_view::iterator in LWG 3798
3858 yesterday [const.iterators.types] new basic_const_iterator is too strict to provide iterator_category
3864 yesterday [] new zip over range of reference to an abstract type
3863 3 days ago [const.iterators.alias] new Is input_iterator guaranteed to have iter_const_reference_t?
3861 4 days ago [mdspan.layout.stride] new mdspan layout_stride::mapping default constructor problem
2321 1 week ago [container.requirements.general] open Moving containers should (usually) be required to preserve iterators
3698 1 week ago [re.iter][range.join] open regex_iterator and join_view don't work together very well
3857 1 week ago [string.view.cons] new basic_string_view should allow explicit conversion when only traits vary
3267 2 weeks ago [allocator.requirements] new Rebound allocators and is_always_equal
3855 2 weeks ago [range.lazy.split.view] new tiny-range is not quite right
3856 2 weeks ago [time.format] new Unclear which conversion specifiers are valid for each chrono type
3507 2 weeks ago [stacktrace.entry.query] open P0881R7 ("stacktrace") does not define "actual file name", "actual line number"
3576 2 weeks ago [format.string.std] open Clarifying fill character in std::format
3631 2 weeks ago [format.arg] new basic_format_arg(T&&) should use remove_cvref_t<T> throughout
3639 2 weeks ago [format.string.std] open Handling of fill character width is underspecified in std::format
3645 2 weeks ago [string.capacity] new resize_and_overwrite is overspecified to call its callback with lvalues
3733 2 weeks ago [] ready ranges::to misuses cpp17-input-iterator
3772 2 weeks ago [range.repeat.view] new repeat_view's piecewise constructor is missing Postconditions
3786 2 weeks ago [][flat.multimap.defn] open Flat maps' deduction guide needs to default Allocator to be useful
3790 2 weeks ago [cmath.syn] ready P1467 accidentally changed nexttoward's signature
3821 2 weeks ago [] ready uses_allocator_construction_args should have overload for pair-like
3854 3 weeks ago [res.on.exception.handling] new ยง[res.on.exception.handling]/3 should not be applied to all standard library types
3848 3 weeks ago [range.adjacent.view] [range.adjacent.transform.view] [range.slide.view] new adjacent_view, adjacent_transform_view and slide_view missing base accessor
3849 3 weeks ago [ranges.cartesian.iterator] new cartesian_product_view::iterator's default constructor is overconstrained
3850 3 weeks ago [] new views::as_const on empty_view<T> should return empty_view<const T>
3851 3 weeks ago [range.chunk.inner.iter] new chunk_view::inner-iterator missing custom iter_move and iter_swap
3852 3 weeks ago [range.join.with.iterator] new join_with_view::iterator's iter_move and iter_swap should be conditionally noexcept
3853 3 weeks ago [const.iterators] new basic_const_iterator<volatile int*>::operator-> is ill-formed
3847 3 weeks ago [] [range.utility.conv.adaptors] new ranges::to can still return views
3846 3 weeks ago [range.iota.iterator] new iota_view::iterator::operator- is overconstrained
3845 3 weeks ago [] new ranges::to's from_range_t tag branch has the wrong constraint
3839 3 weeks ago [format.range.formatter][format.range.fmtdef][format.tuple] ready range_formatter's set_separator, set_brackets, and underlying functions should be noexcept
3835 3 weeks ago [re.general] new Requirements for CharT in the regex library
3836 3 weeks ago [expected.object.ctor] new std::expected<bool, E1> conversion constructor expected(const expected<U, G>&) should take precedence over expected(U&&) with operator bool
3837 3 weeks ago [string.erasure][deque.erasure] [forward.list.erasure][list.erasure][vector.erasure] new std::erase_if overloads for non-associative containers should move (and not copy) their predicate object
3838 3 weeks ago [incrementable.traits] new The last specialization of incrementable_traits is under-constrained
3840 3 weeks ago [depr.fs.path.factory] lewg filesystem::u8path should be undeprecated
3842 3 weeks ago [time.format] ready Unclear wording for precision in chrono-format-spec
3841 3 weeks ago [version.syn] ready <version> should not be "all freestanding"
3834 3 weeks ago [cinttypes.syn] ready Missing constexpr for std::intmax_t math functions in <cinttypes>
3844 1 month ago [time.format] new Non-numeric formats for negative durations
3843 1 month ago [expected.object.obs] new std::expected<T,E>::value() & assumes E is copy constructible
3668 1 month ago [fs.dir.itr.members][fs.rec.dir.itr.members] new [recursive_]directory_iterator constructors refer to undefined options
2708 1 month ago [fs.rec.dir.itr.members] open recursive_directory_iterator::recursion_pending() is incorrectly specified
2116 1 month ago [meta.unary.prop] open is_nothrow_constructible and destructors
3357 1 month ago [rand.util.randint] open [fund.ts.v3] default_random_engine is overspecified for per-thread engine
3829 1 month ago [] new as_rvalue_view::end should improve non-common case

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