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3973 2 days ago [expected.object.monadic][optional.monadic] new Monadic operations should be ADL-proof
3975 4 days ago [format.context] new Specializations of basic_format_context should not be permitted
3974 5 days ago [mdspan.mdspan.members] new mdspan::operator[] should not copy OtherIndexTypes
3972 2 weeks ago [range.join.with.iterator] new Issues with join_with_view::iterator's iter_swap
3970 3 weeks ago [mdspan.syn] new §[mdspan.syn] Missing definition of full_extent_t and full_extent
3971 1 month ago [range.join.with.view] new Join ranges of rvalue references with ranges of prvalues
3976 1 month ago [container.alloc.reqmts] new What does it mean for a type to be "allocator aware"?
3969 1 month ago [alg.fold] new std::ranges::fold_left_first_with_iter should be more ADL-proof
3731 1 month ago [][range.adjacent.view] [range.cartesian.view] new zip_view and adjacent_view are underconstrained
3968 1 month ago [bit.endian] new std::endian::native value should be more specific about object representations
3965 1 month ago [format.string.escaped] new Incorrect example in [format.string.escaped] p3 for formatting of combining characters
3966 1 month ago [][flat.multimap.overview] new The value_type and reference members of std::flat_(multi)map::(const_)iterator are unclear
3967 1 month ago [meta.unary.prop] new The specification for std::is_nothrow_* traits may be ambiguous in some cases involving noexcept(false)
3964 1 month ago [valarray.transcend] new std::atan2 and std::pow overloads that take two std::valarray parameters should require the arguments to have the same length
3944 1 month ago [format.formatter.spec] open Formatters converting sequences of char to sequences of wchar_t
3963 1 month ago [][flat.multimap.defn] new Different std::flat_map/std::flat_multimap specializations should be able to share same nested classes
3962 1 month ago [time.parse] new What is the "decimal precision of the input"?
3961 1 month ago [time.parse] new Does chrono::parse check format strings?
3960 1 month ago [time.parse] new How does chrono::parse handle duplicated data?
3959 2 months ago [][flat.multimap] new Should the comparator of std::flat_map/std::flat_multimap be copied twice in some operations?
3958 2 months ago [] new ranges::to should prioritize the "reserve" branch
3957 2 months ago [container.alloc.reqmts] new §[container.alloc.reqmts] The value category of v should be claimed
3956 2 months ago [time.parse] new chrono::parse uses from_stream as a customization point
3955 2 months ago [range.repeat.view][range.repeat.iterator] new Add noexcept to several repeat_view[::iterator] member functions
3954 2 months ago [support.c.headers.general] new Feature-test macros in C headers (<stddef.h> etc.)
3953 2 months ago [common.iter.cust][counted.iter.cust] new iter_move for common_iterator and counted_iterator should return decltype(auto)
3952 2 months ago [iterator.synopsis][const.iterators.alias][const.iterators.iterator] new iter_common_reference_t does not conform to the definition of indirectly_readable
2392 2 months ago [defns.ntcts] [locale.category] [iostreams.limits.pos] [ostream.formatted.reqmts] [ostream.inserters.character] ready "character type" is used but not defined
3946 2 months ago [ranges.syn] ready The definition of const_iterator_t should be reworked
3951 2 months ago [expected.object.swap][expected.void.swap] new §[expected.object.swap]: Using value() instead of has_value()
3105 2 months ago [library] new T1 is convertible to T2
3950 2 months ago [string.view.synop] new std::basic_string_view comparison operators are overspecified
3949 2 months ago [atomics.types.generic.general] new std::atomic<bool>'s trivial destructor dropped in C++17 spec wording
3948 2 months ago [ranges.syn][range.prim.cdata] new possibly-const-range and as-const-pointer should be noexcept
3947 2 months ago [range.adjacent.transform.view] new Unexpected constraints on adjacent_transform_view::base()
3897 3 months ago [inout.ptr.t] ready inout_ptr will not update raw pointer to 0
3431 3 months ago [container.opt.reqmts] ready <=> for containers should require three_way_comparable<T> instead of <=>
3802 3 months ago [][flat.multimap] [flat.set][flat.multiset] new flat_foo allocator-extended constructors lack move semantics
3892 3 months ago [format.range.formatter][format.tuple] ready Incorrect formatting of nested ranges and tuples
3203 3 months ago [span.overview] ready span element access invalidation
3749 3 months ago [iterators.common] ready common_iterator should handle integer-class difference types
3305 3 months ago [any.nonmembers] ready any_cast<void>
3343 3 months ago [thread.condition.nonmember] open Ordering of calls to unlock() and notify_all() in Effects element of notify_all_at_thread_exit() should be reversed
3099 3 months ago [meta.type.synop] new is_assignable<Incomplete&, Incomplete&>
3929 3 months ago [meta.unary.prop][meta.rel] new Preconditions for type traits should be Mandates
3945 3 months ago [cstdarg.syn] new §[cstdarg.syn] 'Compatible types' are undefined
3943 3 months ago [format.formattable] new Clarify lifetime requirements of BasicFormatter and Formatter
3907 3 months ago [range.factories][range.adaptors] new Can iterator types of range adaptors and range factories be SCARY?
3911 3 months ago [unique.ptr.single.observers] [unique.ptr.runtime.observers] new unique_ptr's operator* is missing a mandate
3913 3 months ago [ranges.syn] open ranges::const_iterator_t<range R> fails to accept arrays of unknown bound

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