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2720 1 month ago [fs.op.permissions] new permissions function incorrectly specified for symlinks
2728 1 month ago [fs.op.status][fs.op.symlink_status] new status(p).permissions() and symlink_status(p).permissions() are not specified
2722 1 month ago [fs.op.equivalent] new equivalent incorrectly specifies throws clause
2727 1 month ago [algorithms.general] new Parallel algorithms with constexpr specifier
2721 1 month ago [fs.op.remove_all] new remove_all has incorrect post conditions
2713 1 month ago [unord] new More missing allocator-extended constructors for unordered containers
2726 1 month ago [directory_iterator.members][rec.dir.itr.members] new [recursive_]directory_iterator::increment(error_code&) is underspecified
2704 1 month ago [rec.dir.itr.members][directory_iterator.members] new recursive_directory_iterator's members should require '*this is dereferenceable'
2724 1 month ago [memory.resource.class] new The protected virtual member functions of memory_resource should be private
2725 1 month ago [fs.op.exists] new filesystem::exists(const path&, error_code&) error reporting
2593 1 month ago [allocator.requirements] new Moved-from state of Allocators
2711 1 month ago [path.construct] new path is convertible from approximately everything under the sun
2712 1 month ago [fs.op.copy_file] new copy_file(from, to, ...) has a number of unspecified error conditions
2714 2 months ago [complex.ops] new complex stream extraction underspecified
2715 2 months ago [atomics.types.generic] new What is 'aggregate initialization syntax'?
2256 2 months ago [vector.modifiers] new On vector iterator invalidation
2563 2 months ago [member.functions] new LWG 2259 relaxes requirements, perhaps unintentionally
2681 2 months ago [fs.op.copy] new filesystem::copy() cannot copy symlinks
2682 2 months ago [fs.op.copy] new filesystem::copy() won't create a symlink to a directory
2693 2 months ago [complex.numbers] new constexpr for various std::complex arithmetic and value operators
2695 2 months ago [member.functions] new "As if" unclear in [member.functions]
2696 2 months ago [util.smartptr.shared.create] new Interaction between make_shared and enable_shared_from_this is underspecified
2700 2 months ago [memory.resource] new resource_adaptor went missing
2701 2 months ago [memory.resource.prot] new Unclear requirement in [memory.resource.prot]
2705 2 months ago [sequence.reqmts] new Questionable precondition on Sequence containers a.assign(n, t)
2709 2 months ago [support.types] new offsetof is unnecessarily imprecise
2562 2 months ago [comparisons] new Consistent total ordering of pointers by comparison functors
2678 2 months ago [enum.file_type][enum.copy_options][enum.directory_options] new std::filesystem enum classes overspecified
2680 2 months ago [filesystems] new Add "Equivalent to" to filesystem
2708 2 months ago [rec.dir.itr.members] new recursive_directory_iterator::recursion_pending() is incorrectly specified
2592 2 months ago [time.syn] new Require that chrono::duration_casts from smaller durations to larger durations do not overflow
2699 2 months ago [numeric.requirements] new Missing restriction in [numeric.requirements]
2697 2 months ago [futures.unique_future][futures.shared_future] new [concurr.ts] Behavior of future/shared_future unwrapping constructor when given an invalid future
2702 2 months ago [facet.num.put.virtuals] new num_put::do_put(..., bool) performs ill-formed do_put call
2703 2 months ago [facet.num.put.virtuals] new No provision for fill-padding when boolalpha is set
2694 2 months ago [locale.facet] new Application of LWG 436 accidentally deleted definition of "facet"
2691 2 months ago [locale.moneypunct] new money_base::space and do_put: U+0020 versus fill
2687 2 months ago [exclusive.scan][inclusive.scan] [transform.exclusive.scan][transform.inclusive.scan] new {inclusive,exclusive}_scan misspecified
2686 2 months ago [system_error.syn] new Why is std::hash specialized for error_code, but not error_condition?
2381 3 months ago [facet.num.get.virtuals] new Inconsistency in parsing floating point numbers
2578 3 months ago [iterator.requirements][iterator.traits] new Iterator requirements should reference iterator traits
2665 3 months ago [path.modifiers] new remove_filename() post condition is incorrect
2677 3 months ago [directory_entry.obs] new directory_entry::status is not allowed to be cached as a quality-of-implementation issue
2679 3 months ago [structure.specifications] new Inconsistent Use of Effects and Equivalent To
2663 3 months ago [fs.op.file_size] new Enable efficient retrieval of file size from directory_entry
2664 3 months ago [path.append], [path.non-member] new operator / (and other append) semantics not useful if argument has root
2668 3 months ago [class.path] new path::operator+= is defined, but not operator+
2672 3 months ago [fs.op.is_empty] new Should is_empty use error_code in its specification?
2675 3 months ago [ios.base.callback] new register_callback can fail
2676 3 months ago [file.streams] new Provide filesystem::path overloads for File-based streams
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