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2509 1 month ago [any.nonmembers] new [fund.ts.v2] any_cast doesn't work with rvalue reference targets and cannot move with a value target
2505 1 month ago [auto.ptr.conv] new auto_ptr_ref creation requirements underspecified
2461 1 month ago [allocator.requirements][vector.capacity][vector.modifiers] new Interaction between allocators and container exception safety guarantees
2508 1 month ago [new.delete.dataraces] new [new.delete.dataraces] wording needs to be updated
2507 1 month ago [locale.stdcvt] new codecvt_mode should be a bitmask type
2506 2 months ago [intro.multithread],[atomics.types.generic],[support.runtime] new Underspecification of atomics
2504 2 months ago [streambuf] new basic_streambuf is not an abstract class
2290 2 months ago [meta] new Top-level "SFINAE"-based constraints should get a separate definition in Clause 17
2343 2 months ago [re.grammar] new Is the value of the ECMA-262 RegExp object's multiline property really false?
2503 2 months ago [re.synopt] new multiline option should be added to syntax_option_type
2499 2 months ago [istream::extractors] new operator>>(basic_istream&, CharT*) makes it hard to avoid buffer overflows
2500 2 months ago [memory.smartptr.shared.obs] new [fund.ts.v2] fundts.memory.smartptr.shared.obs/6 should apply to cv-unqualified void
2495 2 months ago [util.smartptr.shared.const] new There is no such thing as an Exception Safety element
2501 2 months ago [func.wrap.func] new std::function requires POCMA/POCCA
2502 2 months ago [func.wrap.func] new std::function does not use allocator::construct
2497 2 months ago [ostream::sentry] new Use of uncaught_exception()
2498 2 months ago [istream.rvalue] new operator>>(basic_istream&&, T&&) returns basic_istream&, but should probably return basic_istream&&
2496 2 months ago [meta.unary.prop] new Certain hard-to-avoid errors not in the immediate context are not allowed to be triggered by the evaluation of type traits
2493 3 months ago [support.initlist] new initializer_list supports incomplete classes
2164 3 months ago [vector.modifiers], [container.requirements] new What are the semantics of vector.emplace(vector.begin(), vector.back())?
2326 4 months ago [rand.req.genl] new uniform_int_distribution<unsigned char> should be permitted
2491 4 months ago [comparisons] new std::less<T*> in constant expression
2475 4 months ago [string.access] new Allow overwriting of std::basic_string terminator with charT() to allow cleaner interoperation with legacy APIs
2474 4 months ago [c.math] new <cmath> functions unfriendly to integral_constant arguments
2490 4 months ago [re] new <regex> needs lots of noexcept
2478 5 months ago [conversions.string] new Unclear how wstring_convert uses cvtstate
2479 5 months ago [conversions.buffer] new Unclear how wbuffer_convert uses cvtstate
2480 5 months ago [conversions.buffer] new Error handling of wbuffer_convert unclear
2481 5 months ago [conversions.string] new wstring_convert should be more precise regarding "byte-error string" etc.
2472 5 months ago [tuple.rel][allocator.globals][unique.ptr.special] [util.smartptr.shared.cmp][time.duration.comparisons] [time.point.comparisons][scoped.adaptor.operators] [reverse.iter.op==][move.iter.op.comp] new Heterogeneous comparisons in the standard library can result in ambiguities
2471 6 months ago [alg.copy] new copy_n's number of InputIterator increments unspecified
2468 6 months ago [res.on.arguments][utility.arg.requirements] [lib.types.movedfrom][container.requirements.general] new Self-move-assignment of library types
2465 6 months ago [meta.trans.other] new SFINAE-friendly common_type is nearly impossible to specialize correctly and regresses key functionality
2460 8 months ago [meta.trans.other][iterator.traits] new LWG issue 2408 and value categories
2457 8 months ago [iterator.range] new std::begin() and std::end() do not support multi-dimensional arrays correctly
2453 8 months ago [support.initlist][iterator.range][iterator.container] new [iterator.range] and now [iterator.container] aren't available via <initializer_list>
2449 9 months ago [vector.modifiers] new vector::insert invalidates end()?
2421 10 months ago [ptr.align] new Non-specification of handling zero size in std::align [ptr.align]
2423 10 months ago [template.slice.array][template.gslice.array] [template.mask.array][template.indirect.array] new Missing specification slice_array, gslice_array, mask_array, indirect_array copy constructor
2431 10 months ago [re.req] new Missing regular expression traits requirements
2413 13 months ago [assertions] new assert macro is overconstrained
2261 13 months ago [container.requirements] new Are containers required to use their 'pointer' type internally?
2394 14 months ago [locale.members] new locale::name specification unclear — what is implementation-defined?
2173 14 months ago [algorithms] new The meaning of operator + in the description of the algorithms
2392 14 months ago [defns.ntcts], [locale.category], [iostreams.limits.pos], [ostream.formatted.reqmts], [ostream.inserters.character] new "character type" is used but not defined
2362 14 months ago [associative.reqmts], [unord.req] new unique, associative emplace() should not move/copy the mapped_type constructor arguments when no insertion happens
2375 14 months ago [iterator.requirements.general] new Is [iterator.requirements.general]/9 too broadly applied?
2381 15 months ago [facet.num.get.virtuals] new Inconsistency in parsing floating point numbers
2201 17 months ago [diff.library] new Missing macro entries from C standard library
2368 17 months ago [new.delete] new Replacing global operator new
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