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2459 3 weeks ago [complex.value.ops] new std::polar should require a non-negative rho
2426 4 weeks ago [atomics.types.operations.req] new Issue about compare_exchange
2236 4 weeks ago [atomics.syn], [atomics.order] new kill_dependency unconditionally noexcept
2458 1 month ago [support.dynamic][new.delete.single][new.delete.array] new N3778 and new library deallocation signatures
2455 1 month ago [allocator.requirements] new Allocator default construction should be allowed to throw
2454 1 month ago [storage.iterator] new Add raw_storage_iterator::base() member
2451 1 month ago [optional.object] new [fund.ts] optional<T> should 'forward' T's implicit conversions
2457 1 month ago [iterator.range] new std::begin() and std::end() do not support multi-dimensional arrays correctly
2456 1 month ago [utility][pairs.pair][tuple] [array][queue][priority.queue] [stack] new Incorrect exception specifications for 'swap' throughout library
2453 1 month ago [support.initlist][iterator.range][iterator.container] new [iterator.range] and now [iterator.container] aren't available via <initializer_list>
2452 1 month ago [meta] new is_constructible, etc. and default arguments
2445 1 month ago [util.smartptr.shared.atomic] [atomics.types.operations.req] new "Stronger" memory ordering
2450 1 month ago [comparisons] new (greater|less|greater_equal|less_equal)<void> do not yield a total order for pointers
2449 2 months ago [vector.modifiers] new vector::insert invalidates end()?
2448 2 months ago [container.requirements.general] new Non-normative Container destructor specification
2447 2 months ago [allocator.requirements] new Allocators and volatile-qualified value types
2444 2 months ago [sort.heap] new Inconsistent complexity for std::sort_heap
2442 2 months ago [thread.once.callonce] new call_once() shouldn't DECAY_COPY()
2437 2 months ago [iterator.iterators] new iterator_traits<OutIt>::reference can and can't be void
2436 2 months ago [associative.reqmts][unord.req] new Comparators for associative containers should always be CopyConstructible
2435 2 months ago [refwrap.invoke] new reference_wrapper::operator()'s Remark should be deleted
2432 2 months ago [support.initlist] new initializer_list assignability
2421 2 months ago [ptr.align] new Non-specification of handling zero size in std::align [ptr.align]
2422 2 months ago [numeric.limits.members] new std::numeric_limits<T>::is_modulo description: "most machines" errata
2423 2 months ago [template.slice.array][template.gslice.array] [template.mask.array][template.indirect.array] new Missing specification slice_array, gslice_array, mask_array, indirect_array copy constructor
2420 2 months ago [func.wrap.func] new function<void(ArgTypes...)> does not discard the return value of the target object
2312 2 months ago [tuple.cnstr] new tuple's constructor constraints need to be phrased more precisely
2418 2 months ago [tuple.apply] new [fund.ts] apply does not work with member pointers
2431 2 months ago [re.req] new Missing regular expression traits requirements
2415 5 months ago [util.smartptr.shared.const] new Inconsistency between unique_ptr and shared_ptr
2412 5 months ago [futures.promise], [futures.task.members] new promise::set_value() and promise::get_future() should not race
2410 5 months ago [mods.util.smartptr.shared.const] new [fund.ts] shared_ptr<array>'s constructor from unique_ptr should be constrained
2413 6 months ago [assertions] new assert macro is overconstrained
2417 6 months ago [optional.relops] [optional.comp_with_t] new [fund.ts] std::experimental::optional::operator< and LessThanComparable requirement
2309 6 months ago [thread.mutex.requirements.mutex] new mutex::lock() should not throw device_or_resource_busy
2407 6 months ago [futures.task.members] new packaged_task(allocator_arg_t, const Allocator&, F&&) should neither be constrained nor explicit
2402 6 months ago [string.cons] new basic_string(const basic_string& str, size_type pos, size_type n = npos) shouldn't use Allocator()
2398 6 months ago [] new type_info's destructor shouldn't be required to be virtual
2261 6 months ago [container.requirements] new Are containers required to use their 'pointer' type internally?
2076 6 months ago [set.cons] new Bad CopyConstructible requirement in set constructors
2296 6 months ago [specialized.addressof] new std::addressof should be constexpr
2394 6 months ago [locale.members] new locale::name specification unclear — what is implementation-defined?
2363 6 months ago [thread.sharedtimedmutex.class] new Defect in [thread.sharedtimedmutex.class]
2173 6 months ago [algorithms] new The meaning of operator + in the description of the algorithms
2239 6 months ago [alg.min.max] new min/max/minmax requirements
2290 6 months ago [meta] new Top-level "SFINAE"-based constraints should get a separate definition in Clause 17
2384 6 months ago [allocator.requirements] new Allocator's deallocate function needs better specification
2393 6 months ago [func.wrap.func] new std::function's Callable definition is broken
2391 6 months ago [basic.string] new basic_string is missing non-const data()
2392 6 months ago [defns.ntcts], [locale.category], [iostreams.limits.pos], [ostream.formatted.reqmts], [ostream.inserters.character] new "character type" is used but not defined
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