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2380 2 weeks ago [headers] new May <cstdlib> provide long ::abs(long) and long long ::abs(long long)?
2379 2 weeks ago [thread.req.native], [thread.thread.this] new Obtaining native handle of the current thread
2377 2 weeks ago [ptr.align] new std::align requirements overly strict
2378 2 weeks ago [bad.alloc], [new.badlength], [bad.cast], [bad.typeid], [bad.exception] new Behaviour of standard exception types
2375 3 weeks ago [iterator.requirements.general] new Is [iterator.requirements.general]/9 too broadly applied?
2374 3 weeks ago [optional.object.observe] new Remarks for optional::to_value are too restrictive
2371 3 weeks ago [meta.type.synop] new No template aliases defined for new type traits
2372 3 weeks ago [basic.string] new Assignment from int to std::string
2370 3 weeks ago [func.wrap.func] new Operations involving type-erased allocators should not be noexcept in std::function
2369 3 weeks ago [alg.min.max] new constexpr max(initializer_list) vs max_element
2367 3 weeks ago [meta.unary.prop] new pair and tuple are not correctly implemented for is_constructible with no args
2364 3 weeks ago [deque.modifiers], [vector.modifiers] new deque and vector pop_back don't specify iterator invalidation requirements
2362 3 weeks ago [thread.sharedtimedmutex.class] new Defect in [thread.sharedtimedmutex.class]
2373 4 weeks ago [conforming] new Make new entities and names in namespace std conforming extensions
2337 1 month ago [util.smartptr.shared.obs] new shared_ptr operator*() should not be noexcept
2201 1 month ago [diff.library] new Missing macro entries from C standard library
2368 1 month ago [new.delete] new Replacing global operator new
2366 1 month ago [istreambuf.iterator] new istreambuf_iterator end-of-stream equality
2363 2 months ago [thread.sharedtimedmutex.class] new Defect in [thread.sharedtimedmutex.class]
2351 2 months ago [rand.eng] new Does .seed() completely reset state of engine?
2361 2 months ago [unique.ptr.single], [pointer.traits.types], [allocator.uses.trait], [allocator.traits.types], [sequence.reqmts] new Apply 2299 resolution throughout library
2117 2 months ago [facet.num.put.virtuals],[ios::fmtflags],[fmtflags.manip] new ios_base manipulators should have showgrouping/noshowgrouping
2221 2 months ago [output.streams] new No formatted output operator for nullptr
2245 2 months ago [futures.task.members] new packaged_task::reset() memory allocation
2358 2 months ago [meta.unary.prop] new Apparently-bogus definition of is_empty type trait
2343 3 months ago [re.grammar] new Is the value of the ECMA-262 RegExp object's multiline property really false?
2296 3 months ago [specialized.addressof] new std::addressof should be constexpr
2353 3 months ago [iterator.operations] new std::next is over-constrained
2259 3 months ago [member.functions] new Issues in rules for member functions
2349 3 months ago [istream.formatted.reqmts] new Clarify input/output function rethrow behavior
2348 3 months ago [template.bitset], [quoted.manip] new charT('1') is not the wide equivalent of '1'
2342 3 months ago [ostream] new User conversion to wchar_t const* or to wchar_t not invoked for operator<<
2352 4 months ago [rand.util.seedseq] new Is a default-constructed std::seed_seq intended to produce a predictable .generate()?
2244 6 months ago [istream.unformatted] new Issue on basic_istream::seekg
2338 6 months ago [re.traits], [locale.facet] new [re.traits]/7 expects of locale facets something not guaranteed by [locale.facet]/4
2250 6 months ago [bitset.cons], [bitset.members], [string.cons], [string.modifiers], [string.ops] new Follow-up On Library Issue 2207
2262 6 months ago [unique.ptr.single] new Requirement for unique_ptr<T>::get_deleter()(p) to be able to destroy the unique_ptr
2336 6 months ago [meta.unary.prop] new is_trivially_constructible/is_trivially_assignable traits are always false
2334 6 months ago [atomics.types.operations.req] new atomic's default constructor requires "uninitialized" state even for types with non-trivial default-constructor
2325 6 months ago [alg.min.max] new minmax_element()'s behavior differing from max_element()'s should be noted
2312 6 months ago [tuple.cnstr] new tuple's constructor constraints need to be phrased more precisely
2307 6 months ago [containers] new Should the Standard Library use explicit only when necessary?
2335 6 months ago [array] new array<array<int, 3>, 4> should be layout-compatible with int[4][3]
2310 6 months ago [array.overview] new Public exposition only member in std::array
2251 6 months ago [support.types] new C++ library should define ssize_t
2309 6 months ago [thread.mutex.requirements.mutex] new mutex::lock() should not throw device_or_resource_busy
2318 7 months ago [basic.string] new basic_string's wording has confusing relics from the copy-on-write era
2326 7 months ago [rand.req.genl] new uniform_int_distribution<unsigned char> should be permitted
2303 7 months ago [new.delete.placement] new Explicit instantiation of std::vector<UserType> broken?
2289 7 months ago [pairs.pair], [tuple.cnstr], [time.duration] new constexpr guarantees of defaulted functions still insufficient
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