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2842 1 month ago [optional.ctor] new in_place_t check for optional::optional(U&&) should decay U
2840 1 month ago [directory_iterator.members][rec.dir.itr.members] new directory_iterator::increment is narrow-contract but marked noexcept
2839 1 month ago [lib.types.movedfrom][res.on.arguments][container.requirements.general] new Self-move-assignment of library types, again
2838 1 month ago [depr.meta.types] new is_literal_type specification needs a little cleanup
2837 1 month ago [numeric.ops.gcd][numeric.ops.lcm] new gcd and lcm should support a wider range of input values
2806 1 month ago [optional.bad.access] new Base class of bad_optional_access
2797 1 month ago [meta.type.synop] new Trait precondition violations
2799 1 month ago [futures.shared_future] new noexcept-specifications in shared_future
2800 1 month ago [utility.swap] new constexpr swap
2801 1 month ago [unique.ptr.single.ctor] new Default-constructibility of unique_ptr
2802 1 month ago [util.smartptr.shared.const] new shared_ptr constructor requirements for a deleter
2803 1 month ago [unord.hash] new hash for arithmetic, pointer and standard library types should not throw
2807 1 month ago [func.invoke] new std::invoke should use std::is_nothrow_callable
2808 1 month ago [fpos.operations] new Requirements for fpos and stateT
2811 1 month ago [optional.object.ctor][optional.object.assign][variant.ctor][any.cons][any.modifiers] new "Selected constructor" wording is incorrect for optional/variant/any
2813 1 month ago [func.wrap.func.con] new std::function should not return dangling references
2815 1 month ago [support.start.term] new quick_exit can deadlock
2816 1 month ago [fs.op.resize_file] new resize_file has impossible postcondition
2818 1 month ago [contents] new "::std::" everywhere rule needs tweaking
2819 1 month ago [thread.req.lockable][thread.mutex.requirements] new Unspecified Return type: elements
2829 1 month ago [optional.observe] new LWG 2740 leaves behind vacuous words
2833 1 month ago [variant.ctor] new Library needs to specify what it means when it declares a function constexpr
2836 1 month ago [basic.string][string.find][string.rfind] [string.find.first.of][string.find.last.of][string.find.first.not.of] [string.find.last.not.of][] new More string operations should be noexcept
2835 1 month ago [ctgmath.syn][depr.c.headers] new LWG 2536 seems to misspecify <tgmath.h>
2834 1 month ago [string.capacity][deque.capacity][vector.capacity] new Resolution LWG 2223 is missing wording about end iterators
2844 1 month ago [associative.reqmts][unord.req] new Stability of a_uniq.insert(i, j)
2845 1 month ago [meta.rqmts] new enable_if, result_of, and aligned_storage do not meet the definition of TransformationTrait
2843 1 month ago [mem.res.private] new Unclear behavior of std::pmr::memory_resource::do_allocate()
2831 1 month ago [unord.req] new Equality can be defined when Hash function objects have different behaviour
2841 1 month ago [strings] new Use of "Equivalent to" in [strings]
2826 1 month ago [string.view.iterators] new string_view iterators use old wording
2824 1 month ago [list.ops] new list::sort should say that the order of elements is unspecified if an exception is thrown
2823 1 month ago [array.overview] new std::array initialization is still not permissive enough
2822 1 month ago [string.cons] new Resolution for LWG 2742 introduces ambiguities
2746 1 month ago [optional.optional] new Inconsistency between requirements for emplace between optional and variant
2825 1 month ago [optional.optional] new LWG 2756 breaks class template argument deduction for optional
2832 1 month ago [fpos.operations] new ยง[fpos.operations] strange requirement for P(i)
2715 2 months ago [atomics.types.generic] new What is 'aggregate initialization syntax'?
2783 2 months ago [queue.defn][stack.defn] new stack::emplace() and queue::emplace() should return decltype(auto)
2788 2 months ago [string.append][string.assign][string.insert] [string.replace] new basic_string range mutators unintentionally require a default constructible allocator
2561 2 months ago [optional.object.swap][propagate_const.modifiers] new [fund.ts.v2] Incorrect exception specifications for 'swap' in C++ Extensions for Library Fundamentals
2564 2 months ago [func.wrap.func] new [fund.ts.v2] std::experimental::function constructors taking allocator arguments may throw exceptions
2828 2 months ago [meta.unary.prop] new Clarify <cstdalign> (following adoption of P0063r3)
2827 2 months ago [meta.unary.prop] new is_trivially_constructible and non-trivial destructors
2821 2 months ago [ptr.launder] new std::launder() should be marked as [[nodiscard]]
2820 2 months ago [cstdint] new Clarify <cstdint> macros
2734 2 months ago [path.concat] new Questionable specification in [path.concat]
2751 2 months ago [util.smartptr.shared.dest] new shared_ptr deleter not specified to observe expired weak_ptr instances
2511 2 months ago [allocator.adaptor.members] new scoped_allocator_adaptor piecewise construction does not require CopyConstructible
2774 3 months ago [func.wrap.func.con] new std::function construction vs assignment
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