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137 3 months ago [except] new N4110 Exploring the design space of contract specifications for C++
139 3 months ago [support.general] new N4121 Compile-Time String: std::string_literal<n>
135 3 months ago [expr.prim.lambda] new [tiny] Mutable is part of a lambda-declarator, so when a lambda is mutable, the parentheses aren't optional
138 3 months ago [expr.cond] new N4120 Null Coalescing Conditional Operator
129 4 months ago [except] new N4049 0-overhead-principle violations in exception handling
130 5 months ago [sequences] new N4050 Dynarray Semi-Editorial Issues
128 5 months ago [sequences] new N4043 Dynarray Allocation Context
115 9 months ago [] new N3899 Nested Allocation
79 9 months ago [intro] new [tiny] Core issues with extension status
83 10 months ago [class.mfct] new N3863 Private Extension Methods
78 12 months ago [basic.types] new N3820 Working Draft, Technical Specification -- Array Extensions, N3810 Alternatives for Array Extensions
26 18 months ago [dcl.fct] new N3538, N3445 Pass by Const Reference or Value
5 19 months ago [cpp.replace] new N3400 A proposal for eliminating the underscore madness that library writers have to suffer
59 19 months ago [basic.lookup.argdep] new N3596 Code Reuse in Class Template Specialization
65 19 months ago [func.require] new N3617 Lifting overload sets into function objects
50 23 months ago [support.general] new N3466 More Perfect Forwarding
49 24 months ago [lex.phases] new N3463 Portable Program Source Files
51 24 months ago [basic.lookup.argdep] new N3490 ADL Control for C++
11 25 months ago [intro.multithread] new N3409 Strict Fork-Join Parallelism
28 25 months ago [expr.dynamic.cast] new N3449 Open and Efficient Type Switch for C++
15 25 months ago [temp.param] new N3416 Packaging Parameter Packs
24 25 months ago [support.exception] new N3441 Call Stack Utilities and std::exception Extension Proposal
10 25 months ago [library] new N3407 Proposal to Add Decimal Floating Point Support to C++
94 68 months ago [conv.mem] new [tiny] Core issue 794, Base-derived conversion in member type of pointer-to-member conversion
93 73 months ago [temp] new [tiny] Core issue 728, Restrictions on local classes
114 2 weeks ago [stmt.return] open N4074 Let return {expr} Be Explicit, Revision 2, N4094 Response To: Let return {expr} Be Explicit, N4029 Let return Be Direct and explicit, N3452 (unpublished) Let {x,y,z} => explicit
116 2 weeks ago [dcl.fct.def.default] open N4114, N3950 Defaulted comparison operators
126 2 weeks ago [basic.scope.namespace] open N4116 Nested Namespace Definition (rev 1), N4026 Nested namespace definition
88 3 months ago [over.oper] open [tiny] Uniform handling of operator[] and operator().
92 3 months ago [expr.prim.general] open [tiny] Core issue 687, template keyword with unqualified-ids
96 3 months ago [expr.type.conv] open [tiny] Core issue 914, Value-initialization of array types, Core issue 1300, T() for array types, Core issue 1326, Deducing an array bound from an initializer-list
98 3 months ago [expr.alignof] open [tiny] Core issue 1008, Querying the alignment of an object
101 3 months ago [class.copy] open [tiny] Core issue 1331, const mismatch with defaulted copy constructor
102 3 months ago [temp.variadic] open [tiny] Core issue 1393, Pack expansions in using-declarations
106 3 months ago [temp] open [tiny] Core issue 1463, extern "C" alias templates, Core issue 13, extern "C" for Parameters of Function Templates
108 3 months ago [dcl.init.aggr] open [tiny] Core issue 1561, Aggregates with empty base classes
113 3 months ago [namespace.def] open [tiny] Core issue 1657, Attributes for namespaces and enumerators
118 3 months ago [conv] open [tiny] Allow conversion from pointer to array of known bound to pointer to array of unknown bound
120 3 months ago [class.temporary] open [tiny] CWG 900 and 1498
122 3 months ago [class.bit] open N3986 Adding Standard support to avoid padding within structures
125 3 months ago [basic.compound] open N4025 Exploring classes of runtime size
127 3 months ago [] open N4028 Defining a Portable C++ ABI
22 4 months ago [support.general] open N4030, 3745, N3694 Feature-testing recommendations for C++, N3435 Standardized feature-test macros
72 4 months ago [dcl.ptr] open N3988 Towards restrict-like aliasing semantics for C++ N3635 Towards restrict-like semantics for C++
76 4 months ago [] open N4035, N3748 Implicit Evaluation of "auto" Variables and Arguments
136 5 months ago [temp.arg] open N4072 Fixed Size Parameter Packs
82 5 months ago [intro.multithread] open N3919, N3859, N3718 Transactional Memory Support for C++
48 7 months ago [temp.expl.spec] open N3867, N3730 Specializations and namespaces (was "Specializing templates in different namespaces" before the paper)
41 9 months ago [temp.expl.spec] open [tiny] In-class explicit specializations forbidden but not partial specializations
84 9 months ago [class.mem] open N3875 Run-time bound array data members
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