Type dependency of placeholder types
Section [temp.dep.expr]
Hubert Tong

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Subclause [temp.dep.type] paragraph 7 has a list of types considered to be dependent. This list covers placeholder types only insofar as it has an entry about decltype(expression). Subclause [temp.dep.expr] paragraph 3 has a list of expression forms not considered dependent unless specific types named by the expressions are dependent. This list includes forms where placeholder types are allowed. For example, the wording does not say that the new-expression at #1 (below) is dependent, but it ought to be:

  template <typename T> struct A { A(bool, T); };

  void g(...);

  template <typename T>
  auto f(T t) { return g(new A(t, 0)); }  // #1

  int g(A<int> *);
  int h() { return f<void *>(nullptr); }

Some implementation even treats an obviously non-dependent case as dependent:

  template <typename T, typename U> struct A { A(T, U); };

  void g(...); // #1

  template <typename T>
  auto f() { return g(new A(0, 0)); } // #1 or #2?

  int g(A<int, int> *); // #2
  void h() { return f<void *>(); }

Possible resolution:

  1. Insert new paragraphs before [temp.dep.type] paragraph 7 and change the latter as follows:

    An initializer is dependent if any constituent expression (6.9.1 [intro.execution]) of the initializer is type-dependent. A placeholder type ( [dcl.spec.auto.general]) is dependent if it designates a type deduced from a dependent initializer.

    A placeholder for a deduced class type ( [dcl.type.class.deduct]) is dependent if

    • it has a dependent initializer or
    • any default template-argument of the primary class template named by the placeholder is dependent.

    A type is dependent if it is

    • ...
    • a function type whose exception specification is value-dependent,
    • denoted by a dependent placeholder type,
    • denoted by a dependent placeholder for a deduced class type,
    • ...
  2. Change in [temp.dep.expr] paragraph 3 as follows:

    ... Expressions of the following forms are type-dependent only if the type specified by the type-id, simple-type-specifier or new-type-id is dependent, even if any subexpression is type-dependent:
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