Title 2249. identifiers and id-expressions
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Proposed resolution, February, 2018:

Change [] paragraph 1 as follows:

An identifier is only an id-expression provided if it has been suitably declared (Clause 10 [dcl.dcl]) or if it appears as part of a declarator-id (Clause 11 [dcl.decl]). [Note: For operator-function-ids, see...
msg5877 (view) Date: 2018-02-27.00:00:00

According to [] paragraph 1,

An identifier is an id-expression provided it has been suitably declared (Clause 10 [dcl.dcl]).

Not only is an identifier an id-expression by (grammatical) definition, declarator-id is defined in terms of id-expression, which makes this circular. If the intention was to disallow use of undeclared identifiers as primary expressions, this should be altered accordingly.

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