Title 2243. Incorrect use of implicit conversion sequence
Status drafting Section 8.2.9 [expr.static.cast]
Submitter Hubert Tong

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Notes from the December, 2016 teleconference:

The problem is that overload resolution relies on copy initalization and thus does not describe direct initialization. See also issue 1781.

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The term “implicit conversion sequence” is now used in some non-call contexts (e.g., 8.2.9 [expr.static.cast] paragraph 4, 8.16 [expr.cond] paragraph 4, 8.10 [expr.eq] paragraph 4)) and it is not clear that the current definition is suited for these additional uses. In particular, passing an argument in a function call is always copy-initialization, but some of these contexts require consideration of direct-initialization.

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