Passing short initializer lists to array reference parameters
Section [over.ics.list]
Richard Smith

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[Moved to DR at the October, 2015 meeting.]

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Proposed resolution, May, 2015:

Replace the indicated wording with:

Otherwise, if the parameter type is “array of N X,” if there exists an implicit conversion sequence for each element of the array from the corresponding element of the initializer list (or from {} if there is no such element), the implicit conversion sequence is the worst such implicit conversion sequence.
Date: 2015-01-27.00:00:00

According to [over.ics.list] paragraph 5 says,

Otherwise, if the parameter type is “array of N X”, if the initializer list has exactly N elements or if it has fewer than N elements and X is default-constructible, and if all the elements of the initializer list can be implicitly converted to X, the implicit conversion sequence is the worst conversion necessary to convert an element of the list to X.

There are terminological problems with this formulation. “Default constructible” is not otherwise used in the Standard and should instead refer to an implicit conversion sequence from an empty braced-init-list. Similarly, “can be implicitly converted” should instead refer to the existence of an implicit conversion sequence.

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