Title 1632. Lambda capture in member initializers
Status open Section 8.1.5 [expr.prim.lambda]
Submitter Vinny Romano

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Notes from the April, 2013 meeting:

CWG agreed with the intent of this issue.

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According to 8.1.5 [expr.prim.lambda] paragraph 9,

A lambda-expression whose smallest enclosing scope is a block scope (6.3.3 [basic.scope.block]) is a local lambda expression; any other lambda-expression shall not have a capture-list in its lambda-introducer. The reaching scope of a local lambda expression is the set of enclosing scopes up to and including the innermost enclosing function and its parameters.

Consequently, lambdas appearing in mem-initializers and brace-or-equal-initializers cannot have a capture-list. However, these expressions are evaluated in the context of the constructor and are permitted to access this and non-static data members.

Should the definition of a local lambda be modified to permit capturing lambdas within these contexts?

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