Deleted default union constructor and member initializers
11.4.5 [class.ctor]
Vinny Romano

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Date: 2013-05-03.00:00:00

According to 11.4.5 [class.ctor] paragraph 5,

A defaulted default constructor for class X is defined as deleted if:

  • X is a union-like class that has a variant member with a non-trivial default constructor,

  • ...

  • X is a union and all of its variant members are of const-qualified type (or array thereof),

  • X is a non-union class and all members of any anonymous union member are of const-qualified type (or array thereof),

  • ...

Because the presence of a non-static data member initializer is the moral equivalent of a mem-initializer, these rules should probably be modified not to define the generated constructor as deleted when a union member has a non-static data member initializer. (Note the non-normative references in 11.5 [class.union] paragraphs 2-3 and [dcl.type.cv] paragraph 2 that would also need to be updated if this restriction is changed.)

It would also be helpful to add a requirement to 11.5 [class.union] requiring either a non-static data member initializer or a user-provided constructor if all the members of the union have const-qualified types.

On a more general note, why is the default constructor defined as deleted just because a member has a non-trivial default constructor? The union itself doesn't know which member is the active one, and default construction won't initialize any members (assuming no brace-or-equal-initializer). It is up to the “owner” of the union to control the lifetime of the active member (if any), and requiring a user-provided constructor is forcing a design pattern that doesn't make sense. Along the same lines, why is the default destructor defined as deleted just because a member has a non-trivial destructor? I would agree with this restriction if it only applied when the union also has a user-provided constructor.

See also issues 1460, 1562, 1587, and 1621.

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