Increment/decrement operators with reference parameters
12.4.7 [over.inc]
Ryou Ezoe

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Date: 2013-04-15.00:00:00

[Moved to DR at the April, 2013 meeting.]

Date: 2012-08-15.00:00:00

Proposed resolution (August, 2012):

Change 12.4.7 [over.inc] paragraph 1 as follows:

The user-defined function called operator++ implements the prefix and postfix ++ operator. If this function is a member function with no parameters, or a non-member function with one parameter of class or enumeration type, it defines the prefix increment operator ++ for objects of that type. If the function...
Date: 2012-03-20.00:00:00

The phrase in 12.4.7 [over.inc] paragraph 1,

a non-member function with one parameter of class or enumeration type

inadvertently excludes reference parameters, and in fact, no mention of the type is necessary in light of 12.4 [over.oper] paragraph 6:

An operator function shall either be a non-static member function or be a non-member function and have at least one parameter whose type is a class, a reference to a class, an enumeration, or a reference to an enumeration.
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